Chad And Heather Kelly: Mom, Dad Lose Kids After ‘Stacks’ Of Human Feces, Garbage Found In Horror Home

Chad and Heather Kelly, a dad and mom of two children aged two and 11 — and at least three others — in Norfolk, Virginia, have at least temporarily lost custody of those two kids after what police investigators found in their house of horrors on September 29. Information about the search carried out on the home, where conditions finally led the city’s fire department to slap an “unfit for occupation” sticker on the front door, was made public in a search warrant released this week.

But according to an investigation by local TV station WAVY News, police may not be finished with their investigation into the Kelly couple. The station revealed Tuesday that in November, investigators filed warrants to examine the medical records of the two children removed from the hellish home on Riverside Drive in Norfolk.

When cops got a tip in September about a boy apparently suffering neglect from his parents, they found conditions inside the house that were unsanitary to say the least.

The home had no running water, but that didn’t stop anyone from using the bathroom, apparently, even though flushing a toilet was impossible, police said in a warrant, according to a report in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.

“The children have been exposed to the human fecal matters that have been stacking up in the restroom,” Norfolk Police Detective T.D. Santos wrote in the warrant. “There is a roach infestation and possible rodents. There is a collection of waste all over the house making it difficult to maneuver.”

Court documents also stated that the home had “no running water, a large collection of both human and animal waste, as well as industrial waste and environmental health issues within the residence.”

The 38-year-old Chad Kelly told the police that he and his wife Heather, 37, along with the two kids, had let their home slip into the horrendous conditions about six months ago — but a neighbor told WAVY that the Kellys had been piling trash in their yard for about the past five years.

Watch the WAVY-TV report on the case of Chad and Heather Kelly in the video below.

Further investigation into the warped family life of the Kelly couple revealed even more disturbing details about how the mom and dad managed — or didn’t manage — their household and children.

Last year, the Norfolk Public Schools was forced to step in when two of the Kelly children stopped going to school for long periods of time. The couple’s eight-year-old girl had 33 unexcused absences, while their 15-year-old son had 29.

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One Kelly child was also expelled after bringing a gun into school, according to the WAVY report, while the Virginian-Pilot uncovered criminal records showing that Chad Kelly was convicted of five animal cruelty charges in 2012, but escaped with two years of probation and a 30-day jail term that he never served when a judge suspended the sentence.

But both parents were unemployed and broke, and when the TV station spoke to Chad Kelly’s mother, she told the station’s reporters that her son and daughter-in-law had “no jobs, no money” which caused them to “kind of hit bottom.”

“It just dumbfounds me. It really, really does,” neighbor Brenna Stelpflug told WVEC-TV News. “Especially in this neighborhood and the fact that everybody that knew that little boy. Me, my neighbor, people next to us, nobody saw it.”

The neighbor said that whenever she saw the 11-year-old Kelly boy, he appeared to be in good health and looked fine.

The couple was released on $3,500 bond each back in September, but Chad and Heather Kelly are due to return to court on March 16, when they may learn their fate for allowing children to live in their house of horrors.

[Image via Norfolk Police Department]