UPS Access Points Allows Package Pickup At Stores, Prevents Theft Around Holidays

UPS tracking already gives consumers peace of mind when it comes to finding out the exact location of their packages. Just in time for the crazy holiday season, UPS has implemented a new feature called Access Points.

There’s no doubt that the holiday shopping season gives thieves a better opportunity to steal packages left at the front door. But UPS is combating them with their new solution. The new feature, called Access Points, are participating local businesses that people can drop off or receive their packages without worrying about if they will be stolen.

Lisa Cosgrove is one of the many participating businesses at Bakeshop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s getting more attention these days because she’s providing a sense of security among her community. Not to mention, it’s a great marketing technique that allows her neighbors to become familiar with her business.

“Everyone who comes in is thanking us over and over again because it’s a safe place for them to come pick up their package.”

The Bakeshop, located on Twentieth in Center City, is a UPS Access Point, which means that you can have any UPS package delivered and kept there for as long as seven days. If you have a UPS Access Point located a quarter of a mile where you live, UPS will automatically deliver your package to that destination after the first failed attempt to deliver to your home.

You can also choose to have a package directly sent to any access point of your choice, or redirect a package to another location. To pick up your package, you will have to bring a photo ID showing that your address matches the one on your package. Or, you can bring along your UPS tracking receipt.

UPS launched this new feature over a year ago. But over the summer, businesses in over 100 cities across the U.S. have finally started participating. If you want to take advantage of this new service, just sign up to be a UPS My Choice customer, which is free.

Topeka and Riley County Kansas County police told that there’s been an increase in theft around the holiday season. Thieves have been stealing packages left by FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service. So far, there are only three Access Points located in northeast Kansas, according to the news station.

According to another report via KATV, 23 million packages have been stolen after being left in front of the door or inside a mailbox. UPS has said that 18,000 packages nationwide will be delivered every day in December. The convenience of shopping online during the holiday season has made it even easier for thieves to find and steal packages. Sometimes security cameras catch the thieves, but the police do not.

If you don’t have any UPS Access Points near you, or if you prefer home delivery, consider these helpful tips.

  • Choose a shipping option that requires a signature at time of delivery.
  • Choose “Delivery pick-up,” so that UPS can hold your package if no one is home to sign for it.
  • Make use of UPS tracking and keep an eye on the package’s delivery status, so you know when to expect its arrival.
  • Let UPS know where you would your package left, if you don’t mind having it delivered in front of your door.
  • Have one of your friends or neighbors watch out for any deliveries.
  • Have packages sent to your workplace if your employer allows it.
  • Have items delivered from a retail store or chain store delivered to one of their local stores for added safety.

UPS tracking now allows several ways for you to keep track of your packages. You can track by email, reference (order number or customer number), text message, or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS. The status feature on the online Tracking Summary and Tracking Detail page will make it easier for you to stay informed on the anticipated delivery date, any unexpected delays and notification of delivery.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]