Joshua Brassow Hired Fake Family For Hilarious Christmas Cards

Joshua Brassow Hired Fake Family

A Michigan student’s holiday prank is going viral! ABC Action News reports that Joshua Brassow wanted to make a comedic impact on his loved ones this year, so he did something really unique for his Christmas card photos that is now gaining viral attention. Would you be willing to hire a fake family to prank your loved ones? This guy did!

Brassow wanted to “baffle his aunts, uncles and especially grandparents” this year, so he decided to spend his own money to hire a fake family to pose for awkward holiday photos. He turned the images into Christmas cards to send to his loved ones. The Michigan student took to Craigslist and offered money in search of his fake family, specifying that he wanted the outcome to be incredibly awkward and shocking for his family. His ad was straightforward and just as hilarious as the outcome, which was an awkward family holiday portrait.

“So my name is Josh and I am a 25-year-old SVSU student. This year for Christmas, I really want to confuse my distant relatives by making a Christmas card that looks like I married some random woman with kids. It will be an awkward photo for sure with lots of turtle necks and ugly clothes. I want to baffle my aunts, uncles and especially my grandparents.”

He offered $20 per person to pose as his fake family, along with free photos to remember the event. In the end, he ended up with the perfect fake family, which he named just as hilariously as the plan itself. In the photos, he can be seen standing with his wife, who is named Patty “Bone-Crusher” Johnson, and their two sons Blade and Thor.

The portraits turned out as perfect as he thought they would, and now the tweet showing them is going viral on social media, attracting even the attention of mainstream news sources. Indeed, this is one viral holiday prank that could top them all.

This isn’t the first time a holiday prank has gone viral. In 2013, a high school in Texas staged a prank that ended up going viral, much to their surprise. Students at Kilgore High School freaked out some of their teachers and classmates when one student dressed up as a Christmas tree — complete with decorations — just to spook people who took photos next to it.

Another viral holiday video involves one guy getting women to take photos with him, pretending to be his girlfriend for Christmas. He was able to get quite a few selfies with girls who thought they were helping a guy trick his mother for the holidays. In actuality, he was pranking the girls.

As for Joshua Brassow’s viral prank, it’s even attracting the attention of famous figures. People like Johnny Knoxville, Daniel Tosh, and Bam Margera have “favorited” and retweeted his awkward “family” Christmas portrait. The 25-year-old Michigan student probably didn’t see that coming when he set out to shock and discomfort his family during the holiday season.

Have you ever pranked your family members or loved ones during the holidays? What are some of your favorite holiday-themed pranks?

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