Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Using Kathy Hilton As A Scapegoat, Kyle Responds

Kyle Richards lashed out at Brandi Glanville after Brandi made a harmful claim regarding Kyle’s treatment of her older sister, Kathy Hilton. As the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired, Brandi tweeted her opinion on Kyle’s relationship with Kathy.

Brandi tweeted that she thinks that Kyle is now going after Kathy and using her as a scapegoat. Brandi made sure to send the tweet to Kathy so that Kathy would see it.

Brandi later tweeted that Kyle would rather go after her family than friends.

“Someone would rather go after family than friends #sad.”

Kyle responded by tweeting that Brandi is looking for trouble again. Kyle told Brandi to focus on her own family and move on.

Brandi’s wording for her latest tweet shows that she believes that Kyle previously went after Kim Richards. This isn’t the first time that Brandi has suggested that Kyle has gone after Kathy and Kim. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi tweeted in June that Kyle exploits Kim’s sobriety for the sake of the TV show, and messed up Kathy’s husband’s business. Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, worked for Rick Hilton’s real estate firm for years before leaving to start his own business.

A viewer asked on Tuesday night whether it’s true that Mauricio stole clients from Rick’s real estate firm to start his own firm. Kyle swiftly responded with a denial.

In response to another viewer who called Kyle Richards a hypocrite since she talks about Brandi Glanville in her interviews, Kyle said that she does so only when asked. When the viewer responded that Kyle has a say in what’s asked in the interviews, Kyle said that the viewer is wrong.

On Season 5, as Kim and Kyle’s relationship deteriorated, Kim’s friendship with Brandi strengthened. Brandi actually got into a physical altercation with Kyle at Eileen Davidson’s poker party after Brandi felt as if Kyle was forcing Kim to stick around for her own benefit. Kyle wrote in a blog post that Brandi was driving a wedge between her and her sister on purpose.

“Brandi clearly has been driving a wedge between my sister and me, which seems to have been her master plan from the beginning… Watching Kim and Brandi talking outside it is very clear to me that Brandi takes advantage of Kim when she is at her most vulnerable and wants her to believe that she is the only one that cares or understands her. Brandi also is using my sister to look like she is taking care of Kim and distracting us from Brandi’s own obvious issues.”

In an unaired scene from Season 5, Brandi told Kim that Kyle’s treatment of her is manipulative, irresponsible, and dangerous. Brandi asked Kim if Kathy Hilton would treat her the same way that Kyle does, to which Kim said no.

During one of her radio podcast episodes in January, Brandi responded to Kyle saying on Watch What Happens Live that she has nothing to do with her family by pointing out that she was just at Kathy’s holiday party, a party that Kyle did not attend.

“That’s funny because I was at Kathy Hilton’s holiday party with Kim and you weren’t there, b***h! I don’t even know if you got the invite. So, having said that, yeah. She can suck it.”

Brandi will be seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills later on in the season as a guest. She filmed one scene with Yolanda Foster, and was also photographed filming another scene with Yolanda and Kim Richards.

Kyle Richards’ relationship with Kathy Hilton came to the forefront on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she revealed to Lisa Vanderpump that Kathy told her to not attend Nicky Hilton’s wedding. Kyle did not give a specific reason for the disinvitation, but did admit that her relationship with Kathy is not good and that the family dynamic is complicated. Later, after Kyle was invited again and made the decision to attend, it came out that Mauricio wasn’t going to go because of “tension,” and that their two middle daughters weren’t going to go, either, because of a no child policy at the wedding, with an exception made for Portia, since she would serve as a flower girl. As the Inquisitr reported in July, Kyle did attend her niece Nicky’s wedding in July. She posted photos of herself at the reception and of Portia as a flower girl.

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