Noel Alkaramla Update: Stepfather Is A Registered Sex Offender

Authorities are still looking for Noel Alkaramla, with new leads on which to investigate. In particular, they are looking for a suitcase, which was mentioned by the missing woman’s stepfather, Johnn Oquendo. NBC Channel 13 News reports that this suitcase — if it exists — could prove to be a useful clue in the search for the missing Troy woman.

It’s also been confirmed through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services that Johnny Oquendo is, in fact, a registered sex offender. An email sent by Janine Kava, Director of Public Information, says that Oquendo is a “Level 1” offender, meaning that he is not listed on the registry. In the state of New York, only Level 2 and 3 offenders are listed publicly on the registry. She clarified this information in the email.

“If an individual is not listed in the registry available on the website, it does not mean they are not a registered sex offender: They may be a Level 1 offender and by law, information about Level 1 sex offenders is only available by calling a toll-free number: 800-262-3257. Callers must provide a name and another identifier, such as date of birth or address, to receive information.”

The crimes reportedly committed by Oquendo for him to be designated a sex offender have not been clarified in any media reports. Even though his crimes haven’t been published, the mother of the missing woman has expressed her suspicion against her estranged husband, from whom she’s been separated for about a year.

When Johnny Oquendo was arrested on a parole violation, he reportedly told authorities that he had some information that may help them find Noel Alkaramla. He noted that they should look for a suitcase, which may help solve the case. After sharing this one detail, he asked for an attorney and has refused to speak about the disappearance of his stepdaughter. Now, New York State Police, Troy Police authorities, and the FBI are looking for a suitcase that may help find what happened to Noel.

Noel Alkaramla has been missing since November 22 after leaving work. She spoke to her girlfriend on the phone, expecting to see her that night. She vanished after this and hasn’t been located. To heighten suspicion in this disappearance, the contents of her purse, including personal documents, were found strewn on a sidewalk in front of a house that is supposed to be abandoned. However, her mother told media reporters that the house contained a room that had been recently used, which contained a table, chair, curtain, and cable television hookup.

Authorities have searched high and low for Noel Alkaramla, including water searches that have not produced any clues behind her disappearance. At this point, authorities don’t know what happened to the missing woman, and her loved ones are desperate for answers. Authorities also haven’t declared whether or not Johnny Oquendo is a person of interest in the disappearance of his adult stepdaughter.

If you have any information that may prove useful in the search for Noel Alkaramla, do not hesitate to contact the Troy Police Department. Any information could prove useful in either locating the missing woman or finding evidence regarding what happened to her.

[Image via Troy Police Department handout]