‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Confronts Liz, Patrick Makes A Decision, And Lulu And Johnny Plan

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Wednesday’s episode is going to be a powerful one that viewers will not want to miss. Elizabeth knew the truth about Jason’s identity months ago, and she has been scrambling to keep the secret ever since. However, it is time for her to come clean at last and teasers indicate that this will send shockwaves throughout Port Charles. What can viewers expect in this December 9 show?

As Tuesday’s show ended, Sam was telling Jason that Elizabeth had known for months who he was, and this came after Liz declined to tell Jason anything specific, and Patrick had an explosive fight with Sam. General Hospital spoilers tease that while Sam doesn’t have actual proof that Liz lied, Jason will be swayed enough by what she says to head back to confront Liz.

We Love Soaps indicates that an intense discussion between Jason and Liz comes on Wednesday’s show. When he pushes her to be truthful, she is said to crumble, and she will soon admit she did indeed know who he was long before he learned it himself. The big question is, what does Jason do now? This revelation is said to send shockwaves throughout Port Charles.

As ABC executive Nathan Varni teases, Wednesday’s show brings a “powerful punch of episodes on #GH that will change the lives of two couples forever.”

Teasers detail that this will be an incredibly emotional episode, and viewers have been waiting all year to see this. Patrick has called out Sam on her inability to let go of Jason, and now that the truth is out, GH fans can be certain that Sam will be all the more hesitant to walk away.

It is known that big changes are coming for Patrick, with Jason Thompson leaving GH and heading to Young and Restless. While Thompson’s last airdate is not known yet, it is believed to be soon, and many have a hunch that Wednesday’s episode will lay the groundwork for the actor’s departure. Will Jason walk away from Elizabeth as well?


General Hospital spoilers for later in the week detail that Jason will talk with Sonny while Nikolas and Elizabeth prepare for some intense backlash. Jason is said to be devastated by what he learns on Wednesday’s show and Robin will be back in the mix of things.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sabrina will be talking with Patrick. Given their history, this could be an emotional and insightful conversation. It is said that she will help him decide what comes next for him.

Johnny Zacchara is back in town, and he’s reconnecting with Lulu. General Hospital spoilers show that they will do some planning on this show since he needs her help, and she just might have some ways to use his help in dealing with her Dante and Valerie situation.

Viewers will also see Olivia tearing into Dante during this episode. Teasers indicate that she will catch Valerie and Dante in a romantic moment, seemingly sharing a kiss outdoors, and she is not happy with what she sees. General Hospital spoilers detail that Valerie will overhear this mother and son conversation, and that will surely leave her a bit shaken.

This next show also has more on the Sabrina and Michael front as well. Sabrina has been scrambling to keep Michael from learning that he is not actually the father of her baby. She has roped Felix into helping her, but General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be giving her a bit of a warning during Wednesday’s show. Will she reconsider her plans after her chat with Felix?

From the sounds of things, the big reveal involving Jason will make serious forward progress on Wednesday’s show, but it will carry over into Thursday’s episode. What will Jason do now that he knows the truth about what Elizabeth knew? Could both Sam and Liz end up alone as Jason and Patrick step away from these relationships? General Hospital fans are definitely anxious to see just how this all plays out this week.

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