Florida Man Allegedly Forced Tot To Eat Vomit During Violent Abuse

A Florida man is accused of ongoing horrifying child abuse and has been charged with crimes associated with a series of violent and demeaning acts. The Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old Todd Brisebois was arrested on Thursday, but he has already posted bond and has been released. Meanwhile, the biological father of the alleged victim is pushing for justice.

The alleged victim, who is 5-years-old, claims that whenever she stays the night with her mom, “Mr. Todd” wakes her up in the middle of the night to force her to do push-ups. He reportedly forces her to do this until her legs ached. The 5-year-old girl also allegedly told her father that she got sick and threw up at the dinner table one night, and the 28-year-old boyfriend of her mother forced her to eat her own vomit. The child said he made her swallow it while threatening to beat her with a rubber hose.

The child also claims that the Florida man shoved her into the top shelf of a closet. She also says that he pushed her head into her bed until she couldn’t breathe. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the mother believes the allegations against her boyfriend are fabricated. However, authorities say that the child doesn’t appear to have been coached into making any of the claims she’s made against the Florida man. Meanwhile, the mother has produced the counter-allegation that her daughter came home from her biological father’s house with marks on her back. However, she gave no answer when asked why she didn’t notify the authorities. At this time, she has not been arrested and it is not known if she will face any charges associated with the alleged abuse of her daughter.

The unnamed 5-year-old girl has been put in the custody of her biological father, who is the one who reported the abuse after noticing evidence — which included marks on her body that indicated she was being injured. This isn’t the first time a child has been allegedly abused by the girlfriend or boyfriend of a parent. Last year, a mother and her boyfriend reportedly tortured her 3-year-old son before killing him in what the local DA referred to as “An American horror story.” The child was tortured and beaten over a span of three days until he couldn’t cling to life any longer. Earlier this year, a 9-year-old boy was allegedly beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend — and it was all over a missing slice of birthday cake. The mother was also charged in the death of the child, along with her brother. All three people were charged with second-degree murder and assorted counts of child abuse and assault. At this time, no reports are indicating whether or not the Florida man has given a statement regarding the accusations against him. Since his release from jail — after posting bond — he has been ordered to have no contact with the child who is accusing him of abusing her. Meanwhile, the mother has made no other comments.

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This is a truly horrific case of alleged child abuse, and the 5-year-old girl appears to have a lot of vivid memories of what her mother’s boyfriend had been doing to her. Hopefully this case ends well and justice is served, but most importantly it’s hopeful that this little girl can get some kind of counseling or help for her to overcome memories of the alleged abuse.

[Photo: Orange County Jail mugshot]