WWE Rumors: New Day To Receive Major Push

Latest WWE rumors are suggesting that New Day will be receiving an even bigger push from management, according to Wrestling Inc.

New Day to receive major push

When the New Day was first thrown together, they were considered an afterthought by management. At times, WWE instructed their writers to not even bother with the stable, so Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E Langston often found themselves not having a spot on Monday Night Raw, even though the show is three hours long every week. Fans appreciated the performers and wanted to see what they could do with a push. WWE, however, was thinking about killing the idea all together.

Things have changed quite a bit in WWE. New Day was finally given a small push. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E Langston started to connect with the audience. Now, they are one of the most over acts in professional wrestling. New Day is featured regularly on Monday Night Raw now. Reports have surfaced that we can expect to see even more of Woods, Kingston and Langston. The trio has been doing a tremendous job with merchandise, so the front office wants to feature them even more to capitalize on that.

New Day
Big E Langston, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston [Photo by WWE]WWE merchandise movers

If you can move merchandise, then WWE is going to reward you. During his peak, it felt like Steve Austin was having a new shirt made for him on a weekly basis. Hulk Hogan has been receiving nice royalty checks for the past three decades, even when he is not working for WWE. Dwayne Johnson probably leaves his royalty checks sitting on a desk somewhere because he's collecting bigger ones from Hollywood now. There is a reason why Randy Orton and John Cena are allowed to travel in luxury buses while on the road.

Now that Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E Langston are moving units of clothing, including some very interesting socks, they are on the good side of WWE officials. Aside from receiving more from their monthly pay checks, New Day should also expect to see an increase in television appearances. The stable might even move up to the next level where they would receive more than one segment during Monday Night Raw. That's usually reserved for the likes of the WWE Heavyweight Champion, who usually opens the show and works the final segment.

New Day and Team BAD
New Day and Team BAD [Photo by WWE]New Day being overexposed

One of the main issues in WWE is overexposure. When performers heat up, management has a tendency to become overly reliant on them to the point where fans get tired of seeing the performers. That happened to the Usos not too long ago. Not only did they dominate the tag team division, but they were also utilized in segments with singles performers. That caused fans to lose some interest in them. Oddly enough, when Jey Uso was sidelined for a couple of months, it benefited them because WWE took Jimmy Uso off television as well.

The same thing could happen to New Day now that management wants to utilize them more. We have already seen Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston thrown into the mix with Seth Rollins and Sheamus. This week, the trio worked two different segments. New Day worked a tag team match against the Lucha Dragons. Then management utilized them to help put over Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka by forming an alliance between the six of them. Fans may eventually start tuning New Day out.

Do you think this bigger push is going to help or hurt the New Day?

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