Candace Cameron Bure Full Of Harsh Put-Downs, Disses Mary-Kate Olsen And Obama

Former Full House star Candance Cameron Bure has been dishing out all kinds of passive aggressive criticisms lately. After she wasn't invited to her former co-star Mary-Kate Olsen's wedding, Candace had a few embittered words to share with the world, and she wasn't much nicer to President Obama in response to his Sunday terrorism address.

Candace Cameron Bure recently attended a luncheon for Cosmopolitan magazine, during which she chose some subtly harsh words for her on-screen sister.

After she was asked if she attended Mary-Kate Olsen's wedding in November, Candance responded, "[My invitation] must have gotten lost in the mail somewhere."

Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

The major rumor surrounding Mary-Kate's marriage to French banker Olivier Sarkozy was that the couple set out bowls of cigarettes for the guests to enjoy during the festivities. Candace Cameron Bure commented on this strange choice of party favor as well.

"I wonder how that would be — I don't know," she said. "I'm not a smoker, so I might not have had so much fun. I'm really happy for Mary-Kate though. I really am."

Mary-Kate with her husband.
Olivier Sarkosy and Mary-Kate Olsen. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Candace Cameron Bure has become famous outside of her role on Full House for her outspoken conservative views. And while she hasn't earned a reputation for being quite as fundamental as her brother Kirk Cameron, Candace has voiced many sharp opinions about "nasty liberals" in the past, according to a previous report from the Inquisitr.

The actress continued her criticism of the Democratic left on The View, according to Gossip Cop. After seeing President Obama address the nation on the topic of terrorism from the Oval Office on Sunday, Candace Cameron Bure claimed the president was too calm for such a serious issue.

"I would have liked some passion... That drove me nuts. I know he is even-keeled, but it was like, come on... There is major terrorism going on. Aside from just wanting to see some emotion, I felt like he was talking to us as if we were children."

Despite some hosts of The View leaning further to the left than Candace Cameron Bure, her co-host Paula Faris had her back on the issue of Obama's disappointing speech.

"Americans expected more out of the speech, and they didn't get it," Faris said.

During the Comospolitan luncheon, Candace Cameron Bure admitted she was overwhelmed by the fact that the event was full of the liberals she outspokenly disagrees with. But she also acknowledged that many of the luncheon guests were very successful.

"It's just an overwhelming room because of the powerhouses in here... I'm amongst these women and I'm here for a reason, too — so it must mean that I'm doing something myself... I'm obviously opinionated as far as my career and my values and the types of projects that I do, and there's always opportunity to compromise. And so I've stuck to my guns and I've stayed true to who I am."

Candace Cameron Bure will be starring in the reboot of the Full House story, Fuller House, which premieres on Netflix in 2016. However, her not-so-beloved co-star Mary-Kate Olsen will not be reprising her role as Michelle Tanner in the series, and neither will her twin sister Ashley.

According to Us Weekly, the show will explain their absence by claiming that Michelle now lives in New York City developing her own fashion line. This is almost certainly a nod to the Olsen twins themselves, who are both fashion designers. If there's as much bad blood between Mary-Kate Olsen and Candace Cameron Bure, it might be best that they found a way to keep Michelle out of the reboot.

What do you think? Does Candace Cameron Bure have a beef with Mary-Kate Olsen? Or have they both simply moved on with their lives?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]