Cat Serial Killer Arrested in Florida

A month long cat killing spree was put to an abrupt end in Florida earlier when police arrested a teenage boy in connection with the crime.

Tyler Hayes Weinman, 18, is being charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of failing to properly dispose of dead animals and 4 counts of burglary. Weinman lives in the Cutler Bay area and has also lived with his parents in Palmetto Bay, FL. Police said that 19 cats have been found mutilated in those two towns.

The cat mutilations started on May 13 when residents in the area started complaining that their pet cats were being mutilated and killed. One woman woke up to find her cat partially skinned and thrown in her front yard.


All together, over 30 cats have been found dead in the surrounding area but police have no way of connecting the crimes to the teen.