WWE Raw Results: ECW Star Returns, Stable War Starts

WWE Raw results are in. An ECW star makes his return, and a stable war erupts, according to WWE.com.

WWE Raw results: main event

All week, WWE fans have speculating as to which ECW was going to be making a return to Monday Night Raw this week. The creative department did not waste much time in revealing the mystery person. As the League of Nations was cutting a promo in the ring, the Wyatt Family made an appearance, which came close to being a mark out moment. Team ECW came out and brought Rhyno back, which was not very exciting. The Family comes out, a ridiculously huge match is made, and a big brawl is sparked.

Since the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view is taking place on December 13, WWE was obligated to sell the main event title match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns. The creative department decided to stick to the formula instead of coming up with something new and unique. Sheamus and Reigns cut promos on one another while being surrounded by tables, ladders and chairs. A big brawl erupts, of course, and the WWE Heavyweight Champion looks like he could be prone to a loss at TLC.

Sheamus vs Reigns
WWE Raw results: The final segment of the episode ends with Sheamus being put through a table by Roman Reigns. [Photo by WWE]WWE Raw results: mid card division

Stardust and Titus O'Neil continue their feud, even though it feels like the entire thing is directionless and just an excuse to do backstage segments between the two of them. WWE opted to intertwine this mid card feud with another. Jack Swagger and Stardust worked a pointless match, with Stardust taking an unnecessary loss. Swagger and Alberto Del Rio then worked their segment to sell a Chairs match at TLC by swinging chairs at one another. It also appears that the creative department has written Zeb Colter off of television again.

Dolph Ziggler took an unnecessary loss to Kevin Owens, which ended up hurting both Ziggler and rival Tyler Breeze. The always beautiful Summer Rae was on commentary with Breeze to sell their feud with Ziggler. Dean Ambrose then joined the segment to sell his WWE Intercontinental Championship match against Owens at TLC. The rumors of Owens joining the League of Nations did not come to fruition tonight, so that was quite disappointing. His inclusion could still take place down the road.

Ryback and Rusev worked a segment that ended with the former being laid out by the latter, which was pretty uneventful.

New Day and Team BAD
WWE Raw results: New Day joins Team BAD for a dancing session and possible alliance. [Photo by WWE]WWE Raw results: tag team division

The main program in the tag team division might have been the last thing that the WWE writers put together. They decided to stick straight to the basic formula on Monday Night Raw this week. Lucha Dragons worked a non title match against New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E Langston, as usual) and got the victory. Since they are the third team involved, Jimmy Uso and Jey Usos were sitting on commentary. The Usos stole the unicorn hats and trombone from New Day, and it did not generate any heat whatsoever.

WWE Raw results: divas division

To elevate Team BAD a little and get them ready for their silly segment with New Day, WWE gave Sasha Banks and Naomi a meaningless victory over Brie Bella and Alicia Fox, who are being stalled by the creative department because Nikki Bella cannot return yet. The alliance with New Day is designed to capitalize on the real life friendship between Sasha and the trio. Their backstage antics are routinely posted on social media, so WWE is hoping that helps them draw. Tamina Snuka looks uncomfortable in the role, and it takes away from her toughness.

The feud between Paige and Charlotte has gotten extremely confusing. For whatever reasons, WWE did a rushed heel turn for Charlotte and brought in Ric Flair, hoping that he can add some heat to the program. Paige is still a heel and acting very much like one. This has caused fans to not really know who they are rooting for. The thing that can make sense of this program is if Becky Lynch was added to the match on Smackdown later this week. That way, we would have at least one person to root for.

Can this stable war get fans to pay attention to WWE again?

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