WWE Rumors: Bubba Ray Dudley Teases Another ECW Return

The latest WWE rumors is that Bubba Ray Dudley has added fuel to the fire that another former ECW star is going to be making a return on Monday Night Raw this week, according to Wrestling Inc.

Bubba Ray Dudley teases another ECW return

When it comes to the business of professional wrestling, very few people understand the entire industry as well as Bubba Ray Dudley. He showed that early on when he captivated audiences in the original ECW. Bubba then further proved it by transforming himself from a tag team specialist into a legitimate world heavyweight champion in TNA. The New York native wisely opted to study Dusty Rhodes, long considered one of the best when it comes to understanding how professional wrestling works.

Tommy Dreamer
WWE rumors are saying that another former Extreme Championship Wrestling star is going to be returning at Monday Night Raw this week to back up Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz. [Photo by WWE]
WWE has created quite a buzz with one of their story lines this month. To make the feud between the Wyatt Family and the Dudley Boyz a bit more interesting, management made the decision to capitalize on the ECW brand once again. They brought back Tommy Dreamer, and the former world heavyweight champion was received way better than expected. Dreamer actually became a trend on social media after causing a buzz. Fans wanted to know if another former Extreme Championship Wrestling alumni was going to be making a return, so Bubba Ray Dudley decided to use social media to stroke the flames of those rumors.

Rhyno joining Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz

There’s been a lot of names that have been thrown out since the rumors were started a week ago. Rob Van Dam appears to be the most popular choice, but Rhyno has been rising on the list as of late. The reason for that is because the former ECW Heavyweight Champion already has a working relationship with WWE. He sometimes helps to train at the performance center and is actually used sporadically as an in ring performer on NXT. That makes it very convenient for management to add him to the feud.

Another reason why Rhyno is being given serious considerations is because of his size. Since he is close to 300 pounds, the Detroit native can look physically imposing in the ring, which is a good thing because WWE will want him to have segments with the gigantic Braun Strowman. While Rob Van Dam might be the more popular choice, he would not look like someone that can go toe to toe with Strowman, whom management is wanting to protect by making him look like a beast.

ECW star Rhyno
WWE rumors are insisting that Rhyno will be chosen as the person to join Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz since he is already working with the company through the NXT brand. [Photo by WWE]
Spike Dudley returning to WWE

One of the more interesting names being thrown around is Spike Dudley. As an official member of the Dudley family, he makes all the sense in the world. Bubba Ray Dudley did mention the term “brother,” which might suggest that it is Spike. However, that is a vernacular commonly used by the Queens native. He has been known to refer to other ECW alumni as brothers, as performers in that promotion really did bond with one another. They viewed themselves as the underdogs, battling the bigger WWE and WCW brands.

Back in October, Bubba Ray Dudley did a podcast interview, and he was asked about the status of Spike Dudley. Bubba stated that if he and Devon ever needed Spike, he was no more than a phone call away. The tone of his statement sounded like he was speaking both in character and in real life. Approximately three years ago, WWE caught up with Spike and did a “Where are they now?” feature on him. He has stayed out of trouble and remains on good terms with management.

Will Spike Dudley or Rhyno show up to even the odds against the Wyatt Family?

[Featured Photo by WWE]

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