NJ Mayor Cory Booker (Sort Of) Saves The Day Again

Cory Booker: Newark, New Jersey Mayor by day, superhero by night, has intervened to guarantee the safety of an innocent civilian once again.

A pedestrian was stuck by a vehicle on Friday, forcing the hand of the heroic mayor who was among a group of people who “got man stabilized & into ambulance. He’ll b OK. Thanx 2 all who helped,” according to his Twitter. Though Booker was present at the scene and did help, our humble hero passed credit to the true hero that day, a man law enforcement officials say was Michael Davidson, a 19-year veteran of the Essex County Prosecutor’s office, who was there on the scene first, and did the most day-saving, according to the Star-Ledger.

“The detective immediately called 911 and began to render assistance,” said spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office Katherine Carter. “He saw the victim was face down on the ground. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose. Det. Davidson got some tissues from his trunk and began to wipe away the blood.”

The victim tried to get up, but Davidson had him stay still, getting water and ice for his injuries. “Within minutes the Mayor showed up, followed by an ambulance and Newark PD,” said Carter of the incident.

Booker famously made headlines in April when he rushed into a burning building to save a woman’s life. “It was a really frightening experience for me. I didn’t think we were going to get out of there,” Booker said of the experience. He followed the woman’s screams, found her, carried her out, and suffered from smoke inhalation for his troubles, according to First Coast News.

He’s also been in the news lately for a perceived back-stabbing of the Democratic Party, reports Newser. Though he was once thought to be a rising-star in the Democratic Party, indeed a contender for a top position within the Obama Administration, remarks criticizing the Obama Campaign’s attacks on Bain, and subsequent interviews where he failed to get it right concerning his comments caused one Obama official to say that Booker is “dead to us,” adding that “It’s not just that he messed up, it was that he compounded it and didn’t have their back when they gave him a national stage to talk.”

Well, boo-hoo, can’t we disagree in this country anymore? Either way, I heard Big-O and Booker are cool now.

In any case, Booker is still a fan-favorite around the IQ water cooler and we’ll keep reporting on his heroic antics. For some reason, we just feel safer with him out there…