Palin outrage boils over, spawns

A rally is planned outside the Ed Sullivan theater in Manhattan on Tuesday following calls by Sarah Palin supporters to “fire David Letterman.”

Letterman drew a considerable amount of outrage after a controversial crack at Yankee Stadium that Bristol Palin was “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez- during the seventh inning. He further got right-wing panties in a knot by likening Palin’s look to that of a “slutty flight attendant” during one of his “Top Ten” segments last week.

The movement even begat a website, Fire David Letterman, and a mission statement:

Our Mission Statement: David Letterman Must Held Be Accountable For His Disgraceful Statements

In addition to shameless abuse of the Caps Lock key, the site also frustratingly, deliberately misconstrues Letterman’s joke to be about Willow, not Bristol Palin. That simple misdirection plants the joke firmly in the “inappropriate comments about the underage” category (Willow Palin is 14), likely to sway advertiser opinions on the matter.


While it is unlikely such a cultural icon will be unseated so easily, the movement has drawn some high-profile supporters. Palin superfan John Ziegler has predictably joined the fray, and New York State Minority Leader Brian Kolb is also calling for Letterman’s firing.