Woman Super Glued To Toilet Seat In Walmart

This is why most public bathrooms are starting to include disposable toilet seat covers. A Cleavland CBS affiliate is reporting that a woman had to be taken to the emergency room after using the bathroom at a Kentucky Walmart on Saturday. The woman sat down on the toilet at a Monticello, Kentucky Walmart to find that the seat had been covered with superglue.

WLEX-TV reported that after screaming for help the police were summoned and it took more than an hour to remove the seat from the toilet with the woman’s rear end still attached to it. She was transported to a local emergency room where doctors were able to remove the seat.

The police are not sure if this was done maliciously or by accident.

Police Chief Ralph Miniard of the Monticello Police Department told WAVE-TV,

“We are looking at it. Right now I wouldn’t be prepared to say if it was accidental or intentional.”

This latest incident is sure to attract the lawyers. The victim, who chose not to be identified in the story, has not commented on whether she will be seeking damages for the humiliation and pain she suffered.

Attempts were made to contact The Walmart store and corporate and calls have no been returned.

Walmart seems to always find itself in the middle of these types of controversies. There is even a website established to share photographs of the types of people that frequent the discount super store. Millions of people have logged onto the www.peopleofwalmart.com site to get a look at the funny snaps.