‘Botched’ Star Terry Dubrow Calls Kylie Jenner ‘The Next Marilyn Monroe’

Dr. Terry Dubrow is a man who knows plastic surgery. He has been a successful surgeon in California for several years, and has made a dual career for himself in reality television. You can catch him on Botched where he fixes plastic surgery mishaps with Dr. Paul Nassif, and also on The Real Housewives of Orange County where his wife Heather Dubrow stars. Because he is an expert in plastic surgery, Dubrow is often asked his opinion on celebrities and what they have had done. According to Radar Online, Dr. Terry Dubrow believes Kylie Jenner is the next Marilyn Monroe. She is already a mini mogul, and is well on her way to being a billionaire.

Many celebrities aren’t forthcoming when they go under the knife, so speculations begin swirling. Terry Dubrow has confirmed he has not worked on Kylie Jenner, and also reveals that while many believe she has had a bunch of work done, that just isn’t the case. Her lips are definitely enhanced, but anything else has been significantly altered. Jenner made a bit of a change, nothing overly noticeable. Dubrow did not want to specifically say what he believed had been altered, and quickly changed the subject to talking about Jenner’s icon status. In fact, Terry Dubrow believes that Kylie Jenner will surpass Kim Kardashian’s celebrity status and become a billionaire before anyone knows it. She is well on her way to success, mostly by her own doing.

Because Terry Dubrow is filming Botched and still working at his plastic surgeon job, there is very little time spent with his wife Heather Dubrow. In fact, she even went to see him to have a procedure done and it was filmed for Botched. The two have been married nearly two decades, and things have been pretty good. The Real Housewives of Orange County showcases their lives as the picture-perfect family. And while there have been some disagreements between the two, their love has been apparent throughout all of filming.

So far, not one of the Kardashian sisters have appeared on the show Botched, but that doesn’t mean it may not happen in the future. Terry Dubrow talks highly of Kylie Jenner, and it appears that he is a fan of what she is doing with her life. He meets a lot of celebrities and people through the reality television world and the plastic surgery business, but he doesn’t comment publicly on most. Even last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dubrow didn’t talk much about the Brooks Ayers cancer situation. Mainly, the women were shown talking about it, but no one specifically asked for Dubrow’s opinion, even though he is in fact a doctor. According to People, Terry Dubrow did say that Ayers would need psychological help if he was lying. Ironically, Ayers admitted to faking documents just a few days later.

The fact that Terry Dubrow has related Kylie Jenner to Marilyn Monroe has given people a lot to say. Jenner has not made a comment about Dubrow’s remarks, but that isn’t surprising. As more time progresses, Terry Dubrow will be given more time to comment on things. The success of Botched has been good for the E! Network, which is also where the Kardashian reality show is aired. Between Bravo and E!, Dr. Terry Dubrow is a busy man. Right now there is no filming on The Real Housewives of Orange County or Botched. The Dubrow family is gearing up for the holidays and then the regular work schedule will resume in the new year.

Could Kylie Jenner be the new Marilyn Monroe like Dr. Terry Dubrow predicts? With the fashion following and the amount of her admirers, her style is one of the most sought after. With the launch of her lip kits and appearances, it looks like Jenner may indeed fulfill Dubrow’s prophecy.

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