WWE Rumors: Updated Card For 'TLC' And Other Rumored Matches

WWE is prepping for their next big pay-per-view, which takes place in just one week and it will focus on Tables, Ladders, and Chairs or more appropriately known as TLC. So far, there are only three matches that have been officially announced and confirmed. It is expected that three or likely four more will be added to the card, and there are rumors flying.

One match has been in place for a couple of weeks now, and that's the Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Sheamus will defend his newly-won championship against Roman Reigns.

wwe tlc sheamus reigns
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Essentially, this is Reigns' rematch after he won the WWE Title in the finals of the tournament at Survivor Series. Reigns held the title for just five minutes and 15 seconds before Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and won it.

Dean Ambrose will be taking on Kevin Owens and try to win the big man's Intercontinental Title in a regular championship match. WWE.com has not yet announced if there will be a stipulation for this match or not as per the preview.

wwe tlc tag titles match
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The WWE Tag Team Titles will be defended by The New Day in a Triple Threat match against the Usos and Lucha Dragons. The match was also a basic tag team triple threat, but it was changed into a ladder match earlier this week.

Now, there is a lot of space and time left on the PPV that needs to be filled. With the stipulations of tables, ladders, and chairs added into the mix, some matches may be given more time than usual to have the superstars perform.

Still, look for three more matches at the very least to be added between now and the PPV, and maybe even during the event itself.

Team ECW vs. The Wyatt Family

It's pretty much a given that The Wyatt Family will be taking on the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer in what will be a Tables Match. Every single sign in the past two weeks has pointed to that happening, and it just needs to be confirmed.

The biggest wonder is if a fourth person (maybe another ECW Original) will come and side with the Dudleys and Dreamer. Even if it's a six-person Tables Match at TLC, the fourth member of The Wyatt Family will still be there to outnumber the former members of ECW.

Divas Title: Charlotte vs. Paige

This is another one that is expected to be confirmed this week, but it's the stipulation that could really set things apart. Charlotte could end up defending her championship against Paige in a ladder match, if WWE so chooses to go that way.

paige charlotte wwe rumors TLC
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According to Cageside Seats, this match is almost guaranteed to happen, but the stipulation idea is still up in the air. Women's ladder matches are quite rare in any wrestling promotion, and it would be interesting to see if WWE pulls the trigger for TLC.

Chairs Match for the U.S. Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

There wasn't much interaction this week as the whole League of Nations vs. The Family storyline was being built up, but it's been prominent already. Del Rio and Swagger have had some interaction the past couple of weeks and they both brought chairs into the equation as well.

One other rumored match is Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze again, but that one has been seen a good bit on TV lately so it isn't as strongly in place.

WWE TLC is only a week away and the company doesn't have a whole lot in place yet, but Monday Night Raw should bring about at least one or two more confirmed matches. The rumors are strong, but other surprises could be coming before the PPV begins.

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