Horrifying Rape Nearly Kills Baby In Oklahoma

A 30-year-old man is accused of raping a 1-year-old infant, and the alleged victim is clinging on to life. News 9 reports that Cody Alan Johnson is accused of the vile acts that have put the child in the hospital, where she is currently on life support. The details of his case are shocking, and may be too graphic for some readers.

Authorities booked Johnson into the Tulsa County Jail on allegations of both child physical abuse and child sexual abuse. They were alerted to what had happened to the 1-year-old baby girl after her mother and Johnson showed up at an emergency room on Saturday. The infant was reportedly suffering from cardiac arrest. She was reportedly “unresponsive” and suffered from a slew of injuries. A police report details that the 1-year-old infant had “numerous visible facial contusions and bruising and bleeding coming from both the child’s vagina and rectum.”

Cody Alan Johnson reportedly told authorities that the child must have “slipped on her pajamas and fell on a toy.” That was his excuse behind the extensive injuries the baby suffered. Authorities in Tulsa did not buy his excuse and arrested him on Sunday.

Tulsa World reports that the 30-year-old man was alone with the baby girl while her mother was gone. It was during this time that he allegedly raped her, causing extensive damage to her entire little body. The police report states that the damage done to the baby’s genitals was consistent with “extensive forcible penetration.” In other words, this baby was allegedly brutally raped at only 1-year-old.

The baby is currently listed in “extremely critical condition,” indicating that it’s not known if she will survive the crime of which her caregiver is accused. No reports indicate whether or not the mother of the child is being investigated, nor are reports indicating whether or not repeated sexual assault is suspected by authorities. Cody Alan Johnson is currently being held in Tulsa Jail on bond in the amount of $200k.

This is not the first time a baby has been brutalized by a caregiver. In September, an Oklahoma man was arrested on accusations that he raped and murdered a 2-year-old girl. The child’s parents had left her in the care of Justin Williams Lawson at the time of the horrific incident. Earlier this year, a Connecticut man was arrested after he allegedly raped and killed a 3-month-old infant. Like other tragic cases, the mother had left the baby in the care of the man who allegedly committed the horrifying crime. Also this year, a 6-month-old baby named L’Naya Love White was killed during a horrific rape allegedly perpetrated by Kristopher Houchin. The 26-year-old man was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree rape.

Osvaldo Romero is accused of raping and killing an infant; Photo via Stamford Police Department Osvaldo Romero is accused of raping and killing an infant [Photo via Stamford Police Department]At this time it’s not known if the Tulsa man in this latest case has an attorney to represent him in this horrible case. It has been reported, however, that this is the most severe crime he has been accused of committing. His prior convictions all seem to be theft and driving under the influence. If he is convicted of the crimes in this case, he could face years of imprisonment. If the infant doesn’t survive, his sentence — if convicted — could be far harsher.

The condition of the 1-year-old victim in this case has not been updated since she was placed on life support. Authorities in Tulsa say she has suffered from “extensive trauma” due to the alleged rape.

[Photo by Tulsa Jail mugshot]