Tennessee Titans Rumors: Jon Bon Jovi Reportedly Interested In Buying Team, Future In Nashville Would Be Uncertain

The Tennessee Titans are rumored to be in the sights for Jon Bon Jovi and his group of investors, who reports indicate may try to make a bid for the team after failing to buy the Buffalo Bills.

The rocker, who has friends with some big-name NFL owners and already owns the arena football team the Philadelphia Soul, may now be planning to make a run at the Titans, CBS Sports reported.

The Tennessee Titans are owned by the Adams family, and though they have said the team is not for sale, some believe that the team’s lack of a long-term ownership plan means the Titans could ultimately be up for grabs.

There are already some calling for the sale of the Tennessee Titans. Back in October, the Tennessean called on the Adams family to sell the team to a new owner or group that would show a greater commitment to winning.

“With the two-year anniversary of franchise founder Bud Adams’ death last week, we have had plenty of time to see how his heirs would perform as an ownership group. The conclusion: horribly.

“It’s gone from bad to worse. There’s no question things began to slip badly during Bud’s later years, both on the field and off. Now? The Titans are a rudderless ship, captained by three separate-but-equal ownership entities that either don’t care about what’s going on or are incapable of fixing it.”

The Adams family has also taken a step back from NFL committees and meetings, which some NFL insiders said has made potential suitors very interested.

The rumor that Jon Bon Jovi is interested in buying the Tennessee Titans would make sense on the surface. Bon Jovi is open about his interest in buying an NFL team and was active in the sale of the Buffalo Bills, though he was ultimately beat out by Terry Pegula and his $1.4 million bid.

It’s more than likely that Bon Jovi would be the public face of a larger investment group. The rocker’s personal net worth is estimated at around $300 million, and the Titans would be likely to generate $1 billion at the very least.

Bon Jovi also has the backing of some influential owners. He is a longtime friend of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and during his bid to purchase the Buffalo Bills, he had the backing of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

There could be other potential suitors for the Titans, CBS Sports noted.

“Steelers minority owner Barry Tepper, FedEx founder Fred Smith, and the well-connected Frist family are among those who would likely be interested should the team formally come up for sale, while Peyton Manning would be a candidate to join the team in a front office and/or minority ownership capacity should he opt to retire,” the report noted.

It is unclear if other big-name celebrities could make a run at the team. When the Bills were up for sale, real estate magnate and reality television star Donald Trump went deep in the bidding, ultimately falling a few hundred million short of Terry Pegula.

But if the rumors are true and Jon Bon Jovi does buy the Tennessee Titans, the future of the team would be unclear. Though Bon Jovi made public assurances to Bills fans that he was committed to keeping the team in Buffalo, his financial backers were from Toronto and documents uncovered by CBS Sports revealed that there were indeed plans to move the team north of the border.

[Photo by Tatan Syuflana/AP Photo]