YG Entertainment Has No Plans For Bom Comeback But Blackjacks Still Show Support After 2NE1 Performace At MAMA 2015

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, the Kpop community had their attention glued to the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA 2015. It was by far the biggest one the awards show has aired, as it was hosted by Psy and announced in three languages. BIGBANG dominated this year, too, winning in four categories, including “Daesang Artist of the Year” and “Daesang Song of the Year.”

Given the fact MAMA 2015 is an awards show dedicated to Kpop, it is expected the audience and viewers would be treated to live performances. Since Psy was the host, he performed with his two new songs, “Daddy” and “Napal Baji.” J.Y. Park performed “Who’s Your Mama” and “Honey,” much to the embarrassment of Got7 and TWICE. Finally, BIGBANG killed it with a massive performance, which included “Bang Bang Bang,” “Loser,” and “Fantastic Baby.”

However, the biggest performance of the night happened when CL was on stage. After finishing up “Hello B*****s,” CL disappeared under the stage just to rise up again alongside Dara, Minzy, and Bom. 2NE1 had made their stage comeback, and it was surely the biggest surprise of the night.

Because of 2NE1’s stage comeback, many Kpop fans, especially Blackjacks (devoted 2NE1 fans), wondered if Park Bom (known simply as Bom) was finally returning from time off taking to reflect on a drug scandal earlier this year. Unfortunately, YG Entertainment has stepped in and made it know there are no plans for Bom to return as of yet. Still, Blackjacks are pouring out support after her performance alongside her fellow 2NE1 members at MAMA 2015.

A YG Entertainment insider told Korean news outlet MyDaily News that the label does not have any plans for Bom (or 2NE1) as of yet. Apparently, 2NE1’s stage comeback was a gift to the fans who supported the Kpop idol girl group over the past year.

“There are still no plans for a Park Bom comeback. Her appearance at MAMA was a surprise gift for fans.”

This actually makes sense, because YG Entertainment has made it clear numerous times they will be concentrating on CL’s solo career and her debut in the American music industry. Even after the album releases, CL will need to promote it. She’ll have to go on a promotional tour. Nevertheless, this news did not stop Blackjacks from showing their support for Bom after her performance at MAMA 2015. According to KpopStarz, many of them have posted comments of love, motivation, and encouragement on the last post on Bom’s official Instagram, a picture of Kpop idol Nana (of After School), MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon, and Kdrama actress Hong Soo Hyun. The picture was taken during the time Bom was part of the cast of Korean variety show, Roommate.

Bom Last Instagram Post Many K-pop fans (especially Blackjacks) are leaving comments of support on Bom’s last post from last year on her Instagram. [Image via Bom/Instagram]The fact many Blackjacks are devoted to Bom, wishing her the best, showing their love, and encouraging her to keep moving forward is exactly what the K-pop idol needs. Though international fans received 2NE1’s stage comeback at MAMA 2015 exceptionally well, Korean fans were very negative and damning. As a matter of fact, many of them specifically attacked Bom, bringing up her past drug scandal. One comment even had the audacity to go as far as to call Bom a “criminal.”

For now, the Kpop community and Blackjacks will just have to wait longer for Bom’s return. However, if there is a positive pertaining to Bom to be taken from 2NE1’s stage comeback at MAMA 2015, it is that Bom is looking happy and healthy.

[Image via Screen Capture of 2NE1’s Music Video “I Am The Best”]