WWE News: Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE Seems Concrete, But Not For Another 9 To 10 Months Due To Injury

Current TNA Wrestling star Jeff Hardy has had a very long career in the world of pro-wrestling. What is so interesting is that both he and his brother Matt Hardy have been able to sustain their popularity whether they were part of WWE or not. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but both Hardy brothers have been able to do this in a big way. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly respects this and is high on people who can do well outside of WWE.

Vince knows he helped to create the stars, but he also knows that he can exploit if and when the stars comes back to the company. WWE has a big interest and need in both Hardy brothers, but is there an interest on their end? According to numerous reports, WWE has a big interest in bringing Jeff Hardy back and even Matt Hardy. Most knew WWE would have no issue with bringing Jeff back as he left when his WWE deal was up a few years back, and the company knew he was not able to work the schedule then. Matt, however, got himself fired.

WWE does have an interest in both now, and the interest is said to be mutual. According to ProWrestling.net, Jeff Hardy was at Wrestlecade this past week. While there, he was telling people he was interested in a WWE return and feels he can work their full-time schedule nowadays, something he could not do before. Hardy seemed to be high on the idea of going back, which was a first on his part since leaving.

Hardys TNA Tag Titles [Image via TNA Wrestling]One thing that kept Hardy away from WWE for the last few years was the heavy workload that they have, which is known to be brutal on everyone. The fact he feels he can work it at his age is interesting to say the very least, but also good for WWE who would love to have him back. Of course, this does not mean his brother Matt would want to work such a schedule of course.

Sadly, if Hardy were to return, it would not be for a while. He will need another surgery, which will force him out of action for a good nine to ten months. If he managed to get surgery soon, he would be able to come back by the summer potentially. WWE SummerSlam would be an easy return time for him. However, many believe he will wait until his deal with TNA expires.

It is set to end at some point in February of 2016. That means a SummerSlam return would be tough for him to make, but would not be impossible. It really all depends on how well he can recover from the surgery. Due to now needing a second, the prognosis of this one working out is much higher, but if other complications arise, then Hardy will have an issue.

Jeff Hardy Impact [Image via ImpactWrestling.com]Luckily for Jeff Hardy, he has made a lot of money in the past, so he is set for a very long time if he cannot wrestle anymore. Matt is the same, but could always work the independents until Jeff was healthy enough to return to the company. This would allow them to come back at the same time, similar to what the Dudley Boyz did earlier this year.

Matt and Jeff Hardy being back would be good for WWE. Not only could they help the new talent WWE wants to get over, but they are also young and popular enough to work main event matches and hold championships. Jeff Hardy alone has a name that the company could easily use to promote big events. Clearly with WWE wanting to improve WWE Network numbers, Jeff would be a big help.

WWE NXT might also be a place both guys could go and work for a period of time. Many believe that if WWE were able to get Matt Hardy in before his brother was healthy enough to work, he would work down there until Jeff Hardy was able to return. We will have to wait and see what happens, but things will surely get interesting at the first of the year for many TNA stars as many deals expire then.

[Image via ImpactWrestling.com]