Judge Orders Young Girl’s Hair To Be Cut In Court As Punishment For Her Crime

Two juvenile Utah girls were sentenced to 30 days in detention and 276 hours of community service after they cut the long curls of a 3 year-old at a local McDonald’s while her guardian wasn’t looking. However, it was the Judge’s compromise that is causing a stir after he offered them a lesser sentence to cut their hair right then and there.

“She definitely needed to be punished for what had happened,” the 13 year-old’s mother, Valerie Bruno told KSL.

“But I never dreamt it would be that much of a punishment.”

The 11 year-old and 13 year-old were playing with the girl at a local McDonald’s when one of them had the idea to cut the 3 year-old’s hair. After asking and being turned down for a pair of scissors by McDonald’s employees, the two young girls then ran across the street and purchased a pair from the dollar store. When they returned, they proceeded to take turns cutting the little girl’s hair.

“It was beautiful, it was long, it had natural curl, and now it’s cut up to here,” said the victim’s mother, Mindy Moss, gesturing to her jaw line according to KSL.

After the police were called and a report filed, the girls were ordered to juvenile court where they were originally sentenced to their 30 days in detention and 276 hours of community service.

After the mother of the defendant expressed concern about her daughter having to labor with the work crew, the Judge then offered her a deal.

“I’m going to give you this option: I will cut that by 150 hours if you want to cut her hair right now,” Judge Johansen said.

“Right now,” the judge said. “I’ll go get a pair of scissors and we’ll whack that ponytail off.”

After accepting the deal, The Judge then proceeded to acquire the scissors and lop off a section of the 13 year-old’s hair. The victim’s mother was even asked if it was short enough, with which she replied:

“No, my daughter’s hair that had never been cut, that was down to (the middle of her back), was cut up to here.”

After all was said and done, the 13 year-old and the 11 year-old both had the majority of their hair cut from their heads and will forever remember the repercussions of their actions.

Later regretting her decision to accept the Judge’s compromise, the 13 year-old’s mother wished that she had sought legal council before entering the court room.

“I guess I should have went into the courtroom knowing my rights, because I felt very intimidated,” she said. “An eye for an eye, that’s not how you teach kids right from wrong.”

Do you think the girls deserved the punishment that they received?