Rielle Hunter Believed She Could ‘Help’ John Edwards

The aftermath of Rielle Hunter’s affair with one time presidential hopeful John Edwards is already well documented–and will be even more so when Hunter releases her “tell-all” book–but why did the affair actually begin?

In an interview with newsman Chris Cuomo on ABC’s “20/20” this past Friday, Hunter said that she accepted an invitation to join Edwards in his hotel room in 2006, when the affair began, because she believed at the time that she could “help” him, seeing as she’s a “spiritual adviser”. Right.

Hunter is well aware of her public perception, namely that she’s a home wrecker that absolutely destroyed Edwards’ political career, but she doesn’t appear to mind. She does, however, feel sorry that her child, Quinn, 4, and Edwards’ children had to pay the price.

“I feel for both my daughter and for all the kids involved, the full truth needs to be in the public domain,” she said. “Their father’s not a demon and their mother’s not a saint. And I’m not a home wrecker. We’re real human beings. And there is a real dynamic that was going on, good and bad. And we all made mistakes.”

If you’re interested in hearing Rielle Hunter’s side of the story, you can catch her book, “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me,” on store shelves June 26.

You can check out a clip from the interview below.