Mariah Carey CoolSculpting Weight Loss? About 45 Pounds Lost Attributed To Carey Freezing Off Fat

The online world is buzzing about Mariah Carey’s obvious weight loss. Although Mimi hasn’t specifically told the world how much weight she’s actually lost, weight loss experts estimate that Mariah has dropped about 45 pounds, as reported by Radar Online. The following photos of Carey show her looking slimmer than Mariah appeared in previous months.

According to Yahoo Health, Mariah used CoolSculpting to help Carey look skinnier. The most recent photos of Mariah, such as those taken on December 1, when Carey attended a launch celebration for the Pier 1 Imports Pop-up Store in New York City, show Mariah’s weight loss. The change is apparent in Carey’s waist and face.

mariah carey
[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]
Sporting a crimson dress that was slightly fitted at the waist and flared out into a skirt, Mariah placed her hands on her hips and smiled in the photo. Carey was also notably slimmer than when Mariah appeared at the recent Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In comparison to how Mariah appeared on August 5 — when Carey wore a black dress to celebrate being feted with her own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California — the new photos of Mariah show her appearing more svelte.

mariah coolsculpting
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If Carey indeed received CoolSculpting to help with targeting areas of fat around her stomach and middle, Mariah’s not the only one to jump on the trend. CoolSculpting is a process that basically freezes away fat after patients have certain parts of their body sucked into a CoolSculpting machine.

On Instagram, more than 15,000 posts are tagged with the CoolSculpting label, and those that actually feature before and after photos with CoolSculpting show images of consumers who have slimmer hips, waists and other body parts. It clearly shows why Mariah might turn to the process. It wasn’t merely CoolSculpting alone that likely helped Mariah freeze off the fat, but a change in diet as well.

CoolSculpting can freeze off fat, reports Cosmopolitan, by targeting fat pockets — but not freezing off the skin. It could come along with bruises and numbness that might last for a while. The results of CoolSculpting could take weeks or months to come about. According to Cosmetic Surgery Times, CoolSculpting could go wrong, at least when it inadvertently increases fat in certain areas over time instead of reducing those fat pockets. It’s a result that has happened to some people — mostly men more so than women.

Whether Mariah used CoolSculpting, which is medically known as cryolipolysis (cold-assisted fat breakdown), or some other method to slim down, most people agree Carey looks great. Previous clinical trials for CoolSculpting, as reported by the FDA, have proven that 85 percent of the time that people were shown before-and-after photos of CoolSculpting consumers, those being tested correctly chose the improved CoolSculpting photos.

CoolSculpting is called safe and effective, so it’s no wonder stars like Mariah might turn to the non-invasive process that is the CoolSculpting device to melt fat away in certain body parts. There are limits to which patients are right for CoolSculpting. Generally, folks who are lean already and want to use CoolSculpting on certain areas to get rid of fat are ideal candidates.

CoolSculpting candidates need a BMI below 30. It works on freezing away the fat because fat is not the same systematic makeup of skin and other tissues. When the CoolSculpting kills the fat cells, the fat is eliminated from the body over a period of weeks via the waste system. And, it’s not cheap. Candidates like Mariah could expect to pay about $700 per area of CoolSculpting treatment.

According to Dr. Steven Davis, of the Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, CoolSculpting might feel like a pinch at first, but then the pinching feeling gives way to numbness.

“It’s basically a big cup that pulls an area of fat inside the cup when you turn it on. Once inside the cup, the area gets super-cold. For the first five minutes it feels like someone is pinching you, and then it just becomes numb. In about an hour, the fat cells that have been sucked in become like a frozen stick of butter.”

[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]