Affluenza Teen Headed To Jail? Ethan Couch Seen In Twitter Video At Beer Pong Table Despite 10 Year Alcohol Ban Ordered By Court

Ethan Couch, the notorious Affluenza teen, got off without any jail time despite killing four people after driving drunk at the age of 16. The teen had three times the legal alcohol limit in his system at the time of the horror crash, but was able to skirt jail after his lawyers claimed he suffered from “Affluenza,” meaning his irresponsible behavior was the result of his affluent upbringing and “profoundly dysfunctional” parents. In other words, Ethan Couch was too rich and spoiled to fully understand that his actions could adversely affect others; therefore, he couldn’t be held responsible for the crime. The Affluenza-suffering teen was given no jail time and was placed on probation instead. The terms of the probation included that the teen could not do drugs, drink alcohol or drive for 10 years. However, one Twitter user is claiming that Ethan Couch is not following through on his probation terms and posted a video of the Affluenza teen playing beer pong as proof.

ABC News reports that Ethan Couch was placed on a 10-year probation after drunkenly plowing into four pedestrians in Burleson, Texas, killing them all. The teen’s lawyer claimed that Couch should not go to jail due to his affluent upbringing. The lawyer successfully argued that Couch could not be held responsible as he suffered from “Affluenza,” a problem that resulted from being raised in a rich family with “profoundly dysfunctional” parents. The teen was not sentenced to jail time; however, he was placed on probation for 10 years. The probation terms included that Couch would not drive, drink alcohol or do drugs for the duration of the probationary period or he could face up to 10 years in prison.

Despite the warning that alcohol could land him in jail, it seems that Ethan doesn’t care or is still suffering from his Affluenza to the point he may have violated his probation terms. One twitter user, @BlondeSpectre, shared a video that allegedly shows Couch playing beer pong. A teen that looks very similar to Couch can be seen clapping and laughing as another male teen jumps onto the beer pong table.

The Twitter user tagged the City of Burleson and Tarrant County DA in the video and explained that there was more video where that came from. The user says that Ethan Couch violated his probation and that there are videos to prove it. The City of Burleson reponsded and said that they personally forwarded the video tweet to the Tarrant County DA and that they are investigating the video.

Samantha Jordan, a spokeswoman for the Tarrant County District Attorney, spoke to the media and said that they are aware of the video and in communication with the user who posted the videos to the social media site.

“We were made aware of the video and along with the video the person had written they had additional video that they were willing to share.”

Following the 2013 crash that left four people dead and the “Affluenza” case enraging many across the nation, Ethan Couch was ordered to attend a two-year rehabilitation program at a “luxury rehab facility,” according to Inside Edition. This means that the teen would have just finished his rehabilitation program and is already, allegedly, playing beer pong with his friends.

If it is determined that Ethan Couch is the teen in the video and that he was present at the beer pong game, should that be enough to send the Affluenza teen packing to jail on a parole violation charge? What do you think about the Affluenza drunk driving case?

[Image via Twitter]