Amanda Bynes Is Back, And She’s Doing Great

Amanda Bynes represents one of those tragic stories of mental illness and struggle, but it seems that the star has managed to overcome her demons. People reports that Bynes was seen out and about on Monday night, enjoying dinner at Craig’s, a popular celebrity restaurant destination in West Hollywood.

Sporting dark sunglasses and a zip-down strapless dress, this is the first time Bynes has been seen in public since August. At that time she accompanied her friend, Michael Costello, to a gala in Los Angeles. The caption to her tweet told everyone who she was with and how fabulous he is.

People reports that Costello has only good things to say about Amanda Bynes and that she is his biggest fan.

Apparently the two are becoming friends fast. Perhaps Costello is her inspiration for wanting to get into design. Despite being hospitalized in 2013 and again in late 2014 due to psychological reasons, Amanda Bynes is now thriving. According to Tamar Arminak, the attorney for Bynes’ parents, Bynes is taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising campus in Los Angeles and her parents are proud of her.

“We are all so proud of her, and can’t wait to see her amazing designs on the runway someday.”

Amanda Bynes’ own attorney said she appreciates all the love and support she has received from her fans and her friends and family.

“Amanda is doing great. She appreciates all of the love and support she receives from family, friends and fans.”

When she was seen out on Monday evening, it was clear Amanda Bynes has made changes in her life. E! reports that not only does she now have bangs, but the tattoos she used to have on her arms have been removed.

A source told E! that Bynes doing great.

“She is focusing on reading, yoga and reconnecting with her family… She is trying to live a more balanced life.”

Amanda Bynes’ acting career started on Nickelodeon in both The Amanda Show and All That. After that she moved on to movies, such as What a Girl Wants, Love Wrecked, and She’s the Man. While she hoped to bring her fan base with her from her Nickelodeon days, none of these movies really took off and The Hollywood Reporter reports that She’s the Man got negative reviews.

“[The movie] fails to exploit the myriad comedic possibilities, settling instead for broad, unconvincing slapstick aimed at twelve-year-olds and gags Shakespeare would have rejected as ancient.”

Then Amanda Bynes’ career began to turn around. She had a supporting role in Hairspray and starred in Easy A alongside Emma Stone. Check out the Easy A trailer here.

It was at this time that things began to go wrong in her personal life. Her road became very dark. According to Daily Mail, she was arrested on a DUI and a hit-and-run in 2013 and began to act strangely after that. Her behavior included shoplifting, scratching a woman in a nightclub, throwing a bong out of her apartment window, and getting kicked out of the John F. Kennedy Airport.

It’s nice to see Amanda Bynes is back and healthy and happy. She was spotted out last Friday afternoon, having a relaxing day, treating herself to time at the nail salon and strolling along, as reported by Just Jared. Things seem to have calmed down for the actress, who now has her sights set on a career in fashion design.

[Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images]