Scott Disick Back In Kourtney’s Life, But Must Follow This List of Rules

When Scott Disick first got home from rehab, Kourtney Kardashian acted like she wasn’t going to have much to do with him. Now it looks like the two might be getting back together, and Radar Online shared that Kourtney has a set of rules for Scott Disick to follow. It looks like Scott can be in Kourtney’s life and even be with his kids, but only if he behaves.

So what does Kourtney want from Scott? The first thing is to stop his partying ways, and most of the rules have to do with this actually. Scott won’t be allowed to go out to Vegas and party or do any club appearances. When Scott makes these appearances, he always parties hard and shows off, and that just isn’t going to work anymore. Of course, that means Scott Disick will need to find a new way to bring in the money. Scott also had to give up a few friends because he isn’t allowed to contact the people who he was always partying with in the past. Scott is doing a party for New Year’s Eve, though.

Scott Disick is also going to be required to stay sober. His time in rehab was much needed, and it seems to have worked. That doesn’t mean that Scott can go back to his partying ways now that he is home. Kourtney also expects Scott to be there for her and the kids. Being a single parent while he was in rehab was for a good cause, but now Scott Disick will need to be around for the kids. They have three of them, Kourtney is busy, and she doesn’t want to be the one taking control of everything.

Sources say one other big thing will be expected of Scott Disick, and that is to be part of her family. That means hanging out with the Kardashians and Jenners, of course. Scott has always been close to them and since his parents passed away it is really the only family he has left. On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardshians, Kris Jenner had lunch with him and was helping Scott work through his issues with her daughter Kourtney. Kris has been very open the entire time that she has never given up on Scott and still loves him.

Scott Disick is already doing a great job of getting back together with the family. People shared a photo of Disick out shopping for Christmas trees with Caitlyn Jenner. They spent about 45 minutes shopping for a tree and then found one to take home. The cameras were rolling too, but it turns out that this was the cameras for season two of I Am Cait. Khloe recently shared that Cailtyn will be spending Christmas with the family for sure. Scott and Caitlyn have always seemed to get along and this is family to Disick.

All that Kourtney has ever wanted is for Scott Disick to take care of himself. They have split up before and she has taken him back once again. Even while Scott and Kourtney were split up, she never started dating anyone else, and it has always seemed like the door was open for Scott to come back. Kourtney has said she wouldn’t be in a relationship with him again, but it really doesn’t look like that is true right now.

Do you think that Scott Disick should follow all of Kourtney’s rules so that he can stay in her life? Do you think that she is taking him back completely? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Dom Perignon]