Teresa Giudice Memoir Update: New Book Will Disappoint ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Fans?

Teresa Giudice is releasing a new book in 2016, but unfortunately, it may not be as juicy as her Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were expecting. Although the upcoming publication, titled Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, was expected to be a tell-all, divulging information about everything from Teresa Giudice’s childhood to her time behind bars, a new report claims the book may be quite tame.

“People made fun of [Teresa Giudice] and her bathroom hygiene and habits,” a source told Life & Style, via a report by OK! Magazine on December 3.

While Teresa Giudice’s time behind bars surely included its shocking moments, and likely continues to do so, that may not be exactly what fans are wanting to hear about. OK! Magazine went on to reveal one inmate in particular seemed highly interested in the longtime reality star, and has been watching her closely as she serves her 15-month sentence, which will be reduced to about 11-and-a-half months when she’s released in a few weeks.

“[Teresa Giudice] will sugarcoat that because she doesn’t want to cause any problems with this woman. She’s a little scared of her, and she doesn’t want people coming after her when they get out.”

In addition to her alleged juicy secrets being left out of the memoir, Teresa Giudice has reportedly also chose to refrain from speaking about her husband Joe’s possible infidelities. Throughout her time on The Real Housewivesof New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s marriage has been plagued with rumors, claiming Joe has cheated on her, but so far, there doesn’t appear to be any solid information proving the reports — at least nothing that would prompt Teresa Giudice to file for divorce.

According to OK! Magazine‘s report, Teresa Giudice is dedicated to her marriage to Joe, and has no plans to abandon their family. So, there is simply no reason for her to discuss the constant rumors regarding her partner.

“[Teresa Giudice] won’t go there because she’s decided she won’t leave him. So she has no choice but to pretend that everything that happened while she was away didn’t happen.”

As Teresa Giudice continues to serve her 15-month prison term at the Federal Correctional Facility in Danbury, Connecticut, her husband, Joe, remains at home in New Jersey, where he’s currently acting as the main provider for their four daughters.

Once Teresa Giudice’s prison term is complete, her husband Joe will be forced to turn himself in to serve a 41-month sentence, which he was dealt in October of last year due to his alleged crimes of bank and wire fraud. However, Teresa Giudice and their kids will get to spend some time with him before he goes.

Also coming up for Teresa Giudice is her reported return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the Bravo reality series’ seventh season. Although an exact cast has not yet been confirmed, a number of outlets have reported on her Bravo comeback, and in August of this year, Us Weekly claimed there was no way the show would go on without her.

“[Teresa Giudice]’s definitely back next season,” the magazine’s source explained.

Teresa Giudice will be released from prison on December 23, and her new book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, hits stores on February 9. No word yet on when The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 will premiere.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]