Charlie Sheen: Ex’s Lawsuit Reveals Cocaine Relapse, Chaotic Lifestyle With Explosive Details, Is Charlie Out Of Control?

Charlie Sheen has had a bombshell lawsuit filed against him by his ex-fiance, Scottine “Brett” Rossi. Since he publicly revealed that he’s HIV-positive, his past has come back to haunt him as many of his previous lovers definitely aren’t pleased with his failure to disclose the fact that he’d contracted the deadly virus.

In fact, it has been reported that approximately 75 of his past lovers have sought legal assistance almost immediately after his shocking admission on the Today show with Matt Lauer. Once the dust settles, he could face as many as 700 lawsuits from previous sex partners. However, Scottine’s lawsuit is a bit different than most have news outlets expected from Charlie’s scorned lovers. In addition to failure to disclose his HIV-status and emotional distress, she’s also suing for assault and battery.

According to Radar Online, Scottine Rossi has come forward with numerous claims about the downward spiral of their relationship. However, that’s not all. Some of her claims in her lawsuit reportedly cite neglience on Charlie Sheen’s part. The court documents detail the ups and downs of their relationships, documenting Charlie Sheen’s violent outbursts, drug use, and carelessness with his health. According to People magazine, Scottine also claims Charlie forced her to have an abortion.

Although there were times when he was remorseful, his remorse reportedly never lasted long. Shortly after asking for forgiveness, Charlie Sheen would usually suffer a series of mood swings by lashing out with disturbing outburst followed by days of calm behavior.

“Sheen’s violent outbursts would typically be followed by days or weeks of sober behavior. He would be loving and charming and sweet to [Scottine] … But a pattern was emerging: Just as everything seemed fine and stable, Sheen would once again drink or use drugs and often on those occasions he would turn violent or abusive…”

However, that’s not all. Scottine’s lawsuit also alleges that Charlie Sheen had a cocaine relapse, which led to his carelessness with his health. She offered graphic details about his promiscuity and irresponsibility when it came to taking his HIV medications. As the former Two and a Half Men actor gambled with his own life, Scottine alleges that he carelessly placed many others at risk, as well. According to the court document, Charlie Sheen admitted “that he had relapsed on crack cocaine … that he had used crack cocaine at least three times that month.”

“He begged for forgiveness,” the documents state, and told Scottine “that he was going to make serious efforts to get his life under control, and that he desperately wanted to be sober.”

Scottine claims, “Between July and September 2014, Sheen became increasingly less responsible in taking his HIV medication as a result of his illegal drug use.”

Although Charlie Sheen insisted that he’s “never missed a dose” since he learned of his HIV-status four years ago, Scottine’s lawsuit suggests otherwise. She claims he often missed doses when his illegal drug habits would spiral out of control.

“This was typical, as whenever Sheen’s illegal drug use would get out of control. He would routinely fail to take his HIV medication.”

Scottie also alleged that she would ask Charlie “if he was taking the medication, and he would convince her he was, but then she would determine later that, in fact, he was not taking it at certain times.” The claims in the lawsuit also that Charlie Sheen may have put others at “substantial risk” of contracting the virus when he did not take his medications. At this point, Charie Sheen is still at the beginning of his uphill legal battle with previous lovers. At this point, no one really knows if courts will rule in his favor or order him to pay previous sex partners he may have exposed to HIV.

Should Charlie Sheen be ordered to pay his previous sex partners?

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