WWE Rumors: League Of Nations Getting Another Champion As Fifth Member

WWE seems to be heading back in one of the directions that made the Attitude Era so successful, and that’s the creation of more stables. In the past couple of weeks, a few new stables have popped up and one is extremely strong. Sheamus became the new WWE Champion, promptly formed the League of Nations, and already it looks as if it is going to become even stronger with a fifth member by the name of Kevin Owens.

Currently, the League of Nations consists of Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev, and the United States champion Alberto Del Rio. Even though they have been aligned with them, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day, are not permanent members of the group.

Now, last week on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus introduced the world to his new stable, but a lot of people did think that one face was missing. That face was Kevin Owens, and there was a very good reason he was off of Raw that night.

Owens is reportedly feeling better now and due to rejoin WWE this week. That means that Raw could be very interesting this Monday as the League of Nations could end up getting stronger by way of the Intercontinental Champion.

wwe rumors league of nations new member

WrestleZone is reporting that Kevin Owens was originally planned for the big main event on Raw this past Monday. With him being sick and absent, it ended up being the League of Nations along with the New Day against Roman Reigns, the Usos, and Dean Ambrose.

Speaking of stables and WWE bringing them back, there’s another one: Reigns’ new group of teammates is now being referred to as “The Family.”

Now, it’s not entirely known if Owens was scheduled to join the League of Nations or just be part of the main event match. The thing is, he’s from Canada so he could add to the stable and fit in perfectly.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Owens being there doesn’t mean the New Day wouldn’t have been involved. It’s just that the New Day are essentially their own stable and can be another strong entity, aside from joining forces with the League of Nations.

Fans have also seen the tag champs help out the Authority in the past too, and not fully join up with them.

the new day wwe rumors league of nations

If Owens does join the League of Nations, it would easily be one of the strongest stables in the history of wrestling. Just by gold alone, the stable would include the Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Adding to it that the Tag Team Champions are their allies, it makes them even stronger by association.

Owens’ addition to the League of Nations also makes sense when considering the next major WWE event, TLC. The IC champ is already booked to defend his title against Dean Ambrose, a member of The Family, at the pay-per-view.

wwe tlc IC title match owens ambrose

The Usos will be in a triple threat ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Titles against the New Day and the Lucha Dragons. Sheamus is defending his WWE Title against Roman Reigns. So far, neither Barrett or Del Rio have matches on the card.

The League of Nations is already an extremely strong stable and one that can plow its way through WWE. If they were to add one more member in Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, then they may very well be unstoppable.

[Image via WWE]