WWE Rumors: Is WWE Returning To The Days Of The Attitude Era? Maybe Just A Little?

Over the years, WWE went from having many over-the-top and borderline scandalous storylines to becoming a PG-rated company with a family-friendly product. While that content strategy has worked for them in many different ways, it has also hurt them a little bit. In the past year, it appears as if WWE has been bringing back a few things from its edgier past and it seems like they are returning to aspects of the WWE (WWF) Attitude Era.

Just weeks ago, WWE fans saw the return of the Dudley Boyz, who were a huge part of the Attitude Era. They have signed long-term contracts with the company and are going to breathe new life into the tag-team division.

The tag division was huge during the Attitude Era and it has grown tremendously in the last year. The New Day does a fantastic job in their role as the top of the division, and there are at least eight teams now vying for the tag titles.

It’s also possible that another tag team could join the ranks very soon as What Culture reported WWE is considering bringing the Hardy Boyz back. Yes, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are currently in TNA, but the future of that company is unknown at this time.

Jeff Hardy’s deal with TNA is up next year, which makes the possibility more realistic. Matt Hardy’s pay-per-appearance deal also helps.

With the positive fan reaction on the return of the Dudley Boyz, it’s no surprise that WWE would want to bring the Hardys back, too. WWE recently ran a survey asking who fans wanted to see back in the ring with Kurt Angle, Batista, and both Hardy Boyz on the list.

This past Monday night on Raw, the Dudley Boyz were backstage and approached by Edge & Christian, who were a part of the great TLC matches of the Attitude Era. Matt Hardy noticed this little meet-up.

Christian is essentially retired and Edge can’t compete anymore due to medical conditions, but a reunion is still something fans can dream about. Fans can hope for one more run of E&C.

Another interesting sign of things to come is that WWE put forth another poll recently, asking which retired championship fans would like to see return to the ring. Poll choices included the Hardcore, Cruiserweight, Light Heavyweight, European, and Women’s championships.

The cruiserweight division used to be huge in WCW and had a run in WWE, as well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the division return now with the likes of Neville, Tyler Breeze, the Lucha Dragons, and others who could compete for it.

Today, Sting is in WWE. Since he hasn’t been in the company before his debut last year, he wasn’t part of the Attitude Era. Still, he was a major player in WCW during that same timeframe, and his inclusion does have a throwback feel that takes fans back to an era when professional wrestling was different.

Adding one more Attitude Era component to the current status of WWE is that of stables and factions. They were a huge part of the wrestling game back then, and more keep popping up in the company today.

The New Day are a team, but they have three members and are more of a group. The Wyatt Family just expanded to three members with the addition of Braun Strowman. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are about to get a partner and even a reunion of The Shield is rumored. Add on top of those already listed, there’s the Cosmic Wasteland, consisting of Stardust and The Ascension. That’s more stables than WWE has had at one time in years.

WWE has made a name for themselves in today’s wrestling world, and they are the top promotion on the planet. Still, there was a reason they were even more successful years ago and bringing back even small tokens of the Attitude Era could be best for business.

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