‘Mortal Kombat X’ Characters Alien, Leatherface Added In ‘Kombat Pack 2’ [Video]

Some new Mortal Kombat X characters have been revealed for NetherRealms’ fighting franchise. Two of them will look very familiar for movie fans, while the others may not be as much of a surprise.

For fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise, the introduction of hidden or new characters is nothing new. The very first hidden character ever seen in the game was Reptile, a green palette swap of Sub-Zero and Scorpion who used both of their moves. Starting in MKII, Reptile had inherited his own moves and storyline. When the movie hit, he’d been given a minor role and eventually fought Liu Kang, where it was revealed that he was a lizard-like shape-shifter who had used a recently fallen corpse to look human.

The trend of hidden characters had continued until the franchise eventually left arcades with MKV. By then, new characters could be simply hidden behind an in-game currency paywall, or turned out to be the game’s end bosses, an idea which had originally become a reality with MK3. Shao Kahn and Motaro were playable on the home console versions by use of a cheat code, but made fully playable when Mortal Kombat Trilogy had hit PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

One of the new Mortal Kombat X characters seems to be someone completely new, possibly like Cyrax and Sektor due to his robotic appearance. He appears to have a black outer cloak which changes color. It’s possible that we’re seeing Chameleon make his appearance for the first time since UMK3. VG-247 has him named as Tri-Borg, but his ability to change color and use the abilities of the other cyborg characters sounds a lot like Chameleon.

The other three Mortal Kombat X characters being added in “Kombat Pack 2” include someone who only had a cameo in MK9, as well as two more movie tie-ins.

The returning fighter was revealed as the man who trained Liu Kang, though it’s hard to believe that Liu was his student unless he was a kind of prodigy. Our first clue in the trailer is a hand rising to the table and slamming down on it. The second scene contained his full reveal, as he is seen taking a large drink from a canteen-sized flask. Bo Rai Cho was a character originally introduced in Deadly Alliance as a raging alcoholic who used his unhealthy addiction as a weapon.

The two remaining Mortal Kombat X characters hail from similar origins as MK9‘s Freddy Krueger. Originally a horror movie villain, Freddy made his appearance in the crowd using his iconic glove to attack his opponents. Following in his footsteps, Jason Voorhees made his debut appearance in MKX and apparently opened the floodgates for more horror villains or horrific creatures. The Predator also made his much applauded debut in MKX.

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is making his first appearance in the series, using his infamous leather mask and chainsaw to cut down a whole new batch of murder-prone Mortal Kombat X characters.

A probably highly requested fan favorite is also entering the gore-filled fray: The Xenomorph from the Alien franchise will be hunting the cast down with arm blades, and possibly using its iconic face-hugger chest-burster routine as a fatality.

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If you want to hunt more than just counselors at Camp Crystal Lake and take on other iconic horror legends, however, the new and original Mortal Kombat X characters will let you do that too.

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