Red Light Camera Suspension: Poorly Timed Cameras Bring N.J. Ticket Program To A Halt

Dan Evon

For the time being, the red light camera program in New Jersey has been suspended. Officials will not be issuing tickets based on red light traffic cameras until the cameras are recalibrated.

According to WBGO, the red light camera program was suspended because officials determined that the cameras were not timed properly. New Jersey will not be handing out refunds for tickets that have already been paid for.

New Jersey driver Ron Andrews told CBS:

"That's ridiculous. How would you put in something to enforce traffic adherence and not have it calibrated correctly. That just doesn't make sense."

Driver Juanita Sermons said:

"Once it's yellow, then you go, you get a ticket! They got you!"

Attorney John Patti said that people who have paid red light tickets should talk to their attorneys about how to get a refund.

Patti said:

"Work out some type of deal with the prosecutor, or have the ticket just expunged absolutely with a refund of money."

The cameras in New Jersey will remain on for the time being but they will not be used to issue tickets for the time being. Officials are currently working to get the lights recalibrated.

What do you think of the red light camera program? Should the red light camera program be permanently suspended?