WWE News: WWE Planning To Add One Or More Divas To WWE Diva’s Title Match At ‘WWE TLC’ PPV

All things considered, the WWE Diva’s Revolution has been a very unsuccessful venture for the company. To be fair, it has absolutely nothing to do with the talent. The women on WWE’s roster happen to be the best since the glory days of Trish, Lita, Jazz, Molly, etc. They have a ton of talented women both on the main roster and down in WWE NXT. They only continue to hire even more of these great women from around the world. People shout to the top that they want women to be treated better, and WWE starts, but then goes stupid.

NXT still, to this day, treats the women right. However, once they come to the main roster, they start to lose all the momentum they had with NXT. Is it because they are overexposed? Was the NXT crowd just too markish with the women? Was it that they were given more time to show what they could do there, but not on WWE RAW and SmackDown?

All of the above could be the issue, or it could be bad WWE creative booking. You know, the normal issue for WWE. People shout to the rooftops that they want more Sasha Banks, only for her to be thrown into a group where she barely gets to shine. Then, when she does get time to show what she has, she is reduced to a 5 to 7 minute match with someone where she may or may not win.

RAW C and P [Image via WWE]One thing that really brought people down was when she fought with Becky Lynch on RAW. The two had one of the greatest matches in NXT history for the NXT Women’s Title that was an easy match of the year candidate. Then on RAW, they are given little time to create a story and gave us maybe a 2-star match at best. This showed us all that WWE’s main roster is certainly restricted. Now, WWE might be getting it.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning to throw one or more WWE Divas to the Charlotte and Paige rivalry over the WWE Diva’s Championship at WWE TLC. There was a rumor that we would be getting a ladder match with Paige and Charlotte at the event, but it was not announced. That very well could have been due to WWE changing plans, where they decided to add more women to the title hunt.

The idea was started this week, with Charlotte sort of cheating to win against her “friend,” Becky Lynch, on WWE RAW. We also saw how WWE is at least trying to allow Sasha Banks to stand out. That could mean WWE will add both Lynch and Banks into the title hunt at WWE TLC. It is unsure what type of match they might have, but it does look like the story is being set up with the ladies already.

Charlotte spear [Image via WWE]Lynch is involved in an issue now with both Paige and Charlotte. Meanwhile, Banks has a big time history with the NXT girls, but nothing gone on with them on the main roster yet for her to make sense in this story. That means Charlotte might have to be beaten on television by Sasha Banks so that she could have a rightful claim to the championship.

If you beat the champ, it proves you deserve a chance to fight for the title.

Since Charlotte is already going to be involved with at least one or two other girls, Banks would be jumping into a triple threat or fatal four way match at best. This is why it might be best for Banks to hold off on getting involved in the title hunt. Why jump into a match that gives you a lower chance to win? The idea could be that WWE still goes with a gimmick match here, but not until the match between all involved is set up. WWE might give the girls some time to show what they have in the match, which could be fun.

[Image via WWE]