Joe Jonas ‘Still Has Feelings For Gigi’ Hadid, Knows They ‘Will Pass With Time’

Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid broke up, Gigi began dating someone else (Zayn Malik), and Joe Jonas deleted both celebrities from his social media account.

Since that unfollowing-and-deleting incident, fans and media members alike have begun to ask if perhaps the DNCE frontman is still carrying a flame for his ex-girlfriend.

If a source for E! News is to be believed, that just might be the case.

According to a report from the celebrity news outlet, Jonas still has feelings for Hadid, and he was upset that Gigi and the former One Direction singer went public with their relationship so quickly.

Gigi and Joe broke up at the beginning of November after they spent five months together, and just a few weeks later, Gigi was seen in public holding hands with ex 1D band member Zayn Malik.

According to the E! News source, Jonas is still working through lingering feelings resulting from the breakup, but he’s ready to move on.

“Joe is doing well. He was a bit upset how fast Gigi went out in public with Zayn, but it is what it is at this point.”

The source reported that in order to move on, the 26-year-old musician has thrown himself into his work while choosing to lean on his close family and friends. E! News’ source said that Joe Jonas knows that it could take a while to get over his supermodel ex-girlfriend, but he’s working on it.

“He still has feelings for Gigi that won’t just disappear overnight. They did love each other and he still has a love for Gigi. He is not looking to rush into another relationship though just yet. He is focusing on his music and new projects that are in the works. He has some great friends and family around so, like anything, he knows his feelings for Gigi will pass with time.”

The source added that Jonas could have his pick of women, but he’s rather picky when it comes to dating, so he’s not ready to jump back into a relationship just yet.

Meanwhile, E! News reports that Gigi’s friends are also somewhat concerned with her quick jump from Jonas to Malik. According to the website’s source, Malik and Jonas are similar in many ways, though Malik has more of an “edge.”

“Gigi does very well like Zayn. Zayn is very different than Joe, but shares some similarities as well. Zayn has an edge that Gigi likes.… Her friends think he has a bit of a bad boy attitude, so [they] want her to be careful. Gigi is a relationship girl and likes the company of a guy.”

Relationship aside, Gigi and Zayn have both made news headlines lately. For Zayn, it’s Headlines about the 22-year-old slamming music made by his former One Direction band mates — and a subsequent kick to the head from Harry Styles — have made the rounds within the past few days.

Gigi has been the subject of headlines as well after she took spoke out in an upcoming issue of British Vogue about body shamers. Hadid, who has made her career as a supermodel, acknowledges that she’s not a traditional supermodel body, and in the past Gigi Hadid has taken to social media to defend her look.

Joe Jonas also has been the subject of media stories after he told PrideSource that he could reunite with his brothers to make another album. It would be Jonas Brothers, round two!

What do you think of the revelation that Joe Jonas still has feelings for ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid?

Find out more about Joe Jonas deleting Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik from his social media networks in the video below.

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