Kylie Jenner Faces Animal Abuse Claims Over Skinny Dogs — See What Officials Found At The Celeb’s Home

Kylie Jenner has been on everybody’s lips for pumping up her mouth this year, but some new accusations of animal abuse have put the young celebrity at war with a whole different crowd — dog lovers.

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Kylie first sparked controversy for possibly underfeeding her animals when she posted a few videos of her dogs earlier this week. In total, Jenner is the owner of three Italian greyhounds, which are named Bambi, Norman, and Sophia. Bambi is the one Kylie has been accused of mistreating.

Since the backlash over the videos, the Los Angeles County Animal Control has reported they have received multiple calls asking for the organization to drop in on Jenner to make sure that she is properly caring for her dogs. From the response on social media, it appears that several followers were upset about what they saw.

According to what the LA Animal Control told TMZ, any signs of animal abuse could be cause to get the dogs out of Kylie’s care. While the department would not reveal the number of fans who have expressed concern over the care Jenner has been giving to her pups, a representative did say that even one call would result into some investigation over the veracity of the claims.

skinny dogs have Kylie Jenner fans screaming animal abuse
Even with Kylie Jenner's busy schedule, she's still often seen both out-and-about and at home with her dogs, but might she be abusing her beloved animals? (Photo via Instagram)

Because of those concerns expressed over the emaciated appearance of Kylie’s dogs, Huffington Post reports that animal control made a stop by the young Jenner’s home Wednesday to make sure that all was well with her animals. Derek Brown, deputy director of the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control, told the news site that there was nothing for the public to be worried about. In fact, far from animal abuse, Kylie had already sought medical attention for Bambi out of concern for the dog’s small frame.

“The breed is a lean breed of dog. Sometimes photos can be deceiving. People see slight ribs in a photo and think ‘Oh my god,’ but in this case, there’s no neglect, and we’re more than satisfied that the animal is being properly cared for.”

Jenner may have, in fact, been caring for the dog properly by keeping it skinny. The Italian Greyhound Club writes that extra fat might actually be harmful for a dog like Kylie’s.

“Italian Greyhounds are not built to carry large amounts of fat and you should not let your Italian Greyhound become overly pudgy – not because of how it looks but because of the potential health implications, not least all that extra pressure on its fine bones and joints. Put frankly if you want a fat dog then get a fat breed.”

Kylie Jenner is often seen carrying around her skinny pups, but some are saying she's not giving them due care and accusing her of animal abuse. (Photo via Instagram)

Did fans get out of hand accusing Kylie Jenner of animal abuse, or were the gaunt dogs a cause for concern?

[Image via Snapchat and Scott Barbour/Getty Images]