December 2, 2015
San Bernardino Shooting Suspects 'Down' Or Dead After Shootout With California Police [Video]

The San Bernardino shooting suspects may be down after engaging in a gun battle with police. The video of the dramatic scene shows the suspects' black SUV wedged between two armored SWAT vehicles. The identity of the California shooting suspect is still unknown at this time, and police have not announced if all of the suspects survived the shootout.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the terrorist group ISIS has directly threatened to attack multiple states within the United States, including California, within six months. Already, some fear that the San Bernardino shooting suspects may be involved with ISIS or al-Qaeda, although the FBI says there is uncertainty whether the shooting was a terrorist attack.

Witnesses have described the perpetrators as using using AK-47 type weapons and wearing military-style garb during their attack on the Inland Regional Center, an office building which provides services for those with developmental disabilities such as autism. The police chief for the area has confirmed the county group meeting was targeted, not the health center itself. A SWAT team is currently using a robot to investigate a potential explosive device left within the building.

It is believed that up to three men fled in a black SUV. One potential suspect is named Farooq Saeed and Inland Regional Center witnesses claim the man was seen "acting strangely" before the shooting began, although it is possible that Saeed was not involved with the attack. Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters that the suspects wore armor and masks in addition to being well-armed.

"These were people that came prepared.... They were armed with long guns, not hand guns," he said. Some reports claim the men used AK-47 style weapons, while others indicate they were armed with weapons similar to a M4.

NBC is currently broadcasting live video of the confrontation between the SWAT team and the San Bernardino suspects from a helicopter hovering over the scene, which is located about three miles away from the Inland Regional Center. At least three SWAT vehicles have surrounded the vehicle and it is possible that at least one of the suspects is dead. Another suspect fell out of the back seat and is gravely wounded.

Sgt. Vicki Cervantes of the San Bernardino Police Department has confirmed that the confrontation is taking place, but highlighted the fact that it's currently uncertain whether the shootout involves the suspects from the San Bernardino shooting.

"The only thing I know is there were shots fired, officers were involved and there is a suspect is down," she said, according to CNN. "Whether it's related or not, we don't know yet. All officers are OK. Whether or not they were struck, I don't know."

The black SUV appears to be riddled with bullets. Based upon the live video feed, the police officers used the SWAT bearcat trucks as cover in order to get close to the vehicle. They are currently looking for an angle into the SUV's windows, which were blown out by the bullets. There was an unexploded pipe bomb found near the SUV.

As of this publishing, the third California shooting suspect is on the run in the area of San Bernardino Avenue.

According to WTOL, the suspect may be caught soon since police are believed to be cornering the third man now.