‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Barry Gesser Found Dead [Updated News]


According to TMZ, Gesser was found dead by his housekeeper, and though he has a history of drug and alcohol problems, there was no sign of drugs or equipment.

Barry Gesser, whose character was played by Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street, was found dead today. Though the story is still developing, and an investigation is still underway, there are no suspicious circumstances in the 52-year-old’s death, according to TMZ.

“Gesser pleaded guilty to fraud and got 3 years probation for the stock fraud and racketeering plots depicted in the Oscar nominated movie.”


According to the Daily Mail, Barry Gesser’s wild and crazy behavior didn’t stop with his conviction or the release of the movie Wolf of Wall Street. Soon after marrying model Stacey Alysson, she found him in bed with another woman, Dori Cooperman, wearing Alysson’s clothes.

“She told Page Six: ‘We were just sitting and talking. I may have put on [Alysson’s] T-shirt by mistake. They started arguing. I went to my room. The next thing I know the police are there.’

“The 43-year-old was Gesser’s date at Nobu 57 in 2012 to meet Jonah Hill, star of Wolf of Wall Street, to advise him on the culture of their world, Page Six‘s Richard Johnson reported.

“Alysson, who appeared in a 2009 mobster movie called Middle Men, told Johnson she is ‘afraid’ of Gesser and has kept her ring.”

Cooperman is a self-described socialite who claims to be a “staple of New York high society.” She pleaded guilty last year to breaking a car window after refusing to pay a fare while yelling, “don’t you know who I am?”.

“There is not a party, grand opening, or charity gala that she doesn’t know about or hasn’t been invited to,”the blog biography says.


Page Six reported that the marriage between Gesser and Alysson lasted just over two weeks.

“Gesser — a friend of Jordan Belfort whose house in Bedford was featured in the New York Times — was charged in 1999 with stock fraud and racketeering. He pleaded guilty to fraud, served three years probation and forfeited $2.1 million.”

After finding Gesser in bed with Dori Cooperman, Alysson called the police, but nobody was charged.

“No one was charged, but Alysson asserted five days later, when she obtained a temporary restraining order, “[Gesser] told me to leave my wedding ring. He told me if I didn’t, he would bury me six feet under. . . I took this threat seriously because he is a convicted felon with no regard for the law and deep connections to the Mafia.”


Cooperman told Australiannews.com that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that the Wolf of Wall Street consultant was just a friend.

“The 35-year-old married Gesser early this year after he gave her a $60,000 diamond ring 14 months into their relationship. She reportedly found him with Ms Cooperman on January 29.”

Alysson admits that she made a big mistake marrying Gesser, and wanted to get out quickly.

“I don’t want anything from him,” she said. “I made a bad mistake [in getting married] and got out quick!”

Details are coming out about how and where Barry Gesser’s body was found, who found him, and the circumstances surrounding Gesser’s death.

Details to emerge soon.

Do you think Barry Gesser’s death at 52 involved drugs, like in the movie Wolf of Wall Street?

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