Birthday Cake Designed By Autistic Employee Creates Heartwarming Viral Trend

It looks like the birthday cake designed by an autistic Meijer grocery employee has created a viral buzz online. Customer and Facebook user Lisa Sarber Aldrich posted a photo on her social media page regarding proof of her heartwarming experience. Aldrich had gone into the store for a birthday cake and needed to have a message written on it. She had addressed “a bakery looking employee” according to NBC News. So far, the cake has been shared over 90,000 times on Facebook.


While Lisa waited for the cake, it took a while for the store employee to return, but the finished product revealed lettering that would probably be considered unsatisfactory had anyone thought that this was performed someone with the ability to take on such a task. But the twist to the story is, when Aldrich saw the product, she couldn’t help but get a “chuckle” out of it, according to KSL. Lisa had no complaints, but the cashiers/workers didn’t think it so funny.

“When Aldrich took a peek at the baked good, she couldn’t help but chuckle — the writing was sloppy, scribbled and juvenile — in short, it looked nothing like a professional decorating job.”

When she attempted to check out the cake at the store, employees wouldn’t have it and offered up a replacement. It was around then she was informed by workers that the employee that wrote on her cake was indeed autistic, but were sure that her “thank you” to the employee made their day.

Lisa later posted the birthday cake partially consumed and verifying that she is for real and that this isn’t any kind of “marketing ploy.”

One Facebook commenter did give accolades to the Meijer grocery chain when it comes to their marketing methods, citing that the store would randomly pick a customer to pay their entire grocery bill. She also mentioned how it’s appreciated that they do hire those with “unique talents and gifts.” She even cited her parents had a love connection at a Meijer Christmas party, married, and even retired from the grocery store chain. Lisa’s Facebook friend agreed that it was indeed not a marketing ploy, but considered her to be a chosen “vessel” to raise a level of awareness for others to take witness.

“No, it wasn’t a marketing ploy – it was all part of God’s plan and He handpicked you as the vessel to carry out the ‘mission’. You should be very proud That your story has made an impact on so many around the world!”

A YouTube video about the birthday cake on MLiv went straight to Lisa giving her testimony regarding the spreading popularity of this act of kindness and was even surprised herself how “overwhelming” it was for her. She even mentioned how people were sending her pictures of their autistic children as well. Aldrich figured this story served a dual purpose in not only bringing forth autism awareness, but also kindness awareness.

Meijer spoke with Today about the cake in regards to its popularity and made a statement delving into their common practice of hiring employees with disabilities. They seem to pride themselves when it comes to customer service, and the autistic employee demonstrated the willingness to accommodate with the cake. In the review section of the grocery store on Facebook came a five-star rating from a customer saying they would go there to have their cake decorated, but only on the condition the autistic employee would do so.

It looks like the birthday cake decorating outcome achieved a goal this holiday season and beyond. This event may go on to inspire those grocery chains that pride themselves on great customer service and satisfaction.

[Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News]