NFL Picks Week 13: Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys Picked To Lose Again

NFL picks for Week 13 have many CBS experts picking against the Atlanta Falcons. The Week 13 NFL picks for the Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game predict Matt Ryan is going to lose another game for his team. The analysts at CBS Sports have picked the Buccaneers to win an important home game and improve to 6-6 on the season. If the prediction does turn out to be correct, the Falcons would fall to 6-6 in the NFL standings after starting out the season with a 5-0 record. It might also quell all hopes of making the 2016 NFL Playoffs.

The Falcons are currently tied with the Seattle Seahawks for the second wild card in the NFC but lose the spot in a battle of tie-breakers. It shows how close the team is to making it back to the postseason, but losing an important divisional game to the Buccaneers could make it very difficult. A game that will have a big impact on how the NFC wild card teams play out is the Sunday, December 6 game of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings.

Russell Wilson And Pete Carroll
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Within the Week 13 NFL picks from the CBS Sports analysts, there has been no discerned favorite between the Vikings sand Seahawks. The analysts are split down the middle on this game, with the most successful expert (Dave Richard at 116-60) siding with the Seahawks. This very important for both teams, as the 8-3 Vikings look to maintain first place in the NFC North and the Seahawks want to take a big step closer to returning to the playoffs again. The Vegas oddsmakers are giving the game an even betting line.

The Week 13 NFL picks also have the Dallas Cowboys losing another game. Monday Night Football on December 7 is the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins in a very important NFC East battle. With the return of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, many Cowboys fans were starting to think about the playoffs again. After Romo got hurt in Week 12, though, the analysts have all turned on the Cowboys again. The football experts at CBS Sports have unanimously predicted that the Redskins are going to win this game to hold on to first place in the East.

Other unanimous selections within the Week 13 NFL picks include the Carolina Panthers over the New Orleans Saints, the New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals over the Cleveland Browns, the Arizona Cardinals over the St. Louis Rams, and the Chicago Bears over the San Francisco 49ers. Other nearly unanimous picks have the Green Bay Packers beating the Detroit Lions, the Tennessee Titans beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Denver Broncos beating the San Diego Chargers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Indianapolis Colts.

One other Sunday game has a favorite, with the Miami Dolphins picked to beat the Baltimore Ravens. In a rare showing of a possibly balanced schedule, several other games in the Week 13 NFL picks have split the analysts. The games where the analysts are split down the middle are the New York Jets vs. New York Giants, the Houston Texans vs. Buffalo Bills, and the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders. The three games look good on paper, which is why it seems to have split up the panel of experts at CBS Sports.

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The Eagles vs. Patriots game is an interesting one on Sunday, as Tom Brady may have to play without All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski. It is the latest injury the Patriots have been forced to deal with, possibly giving the Eagles a shot to break a three-game losing streak and get back into the race for an NFC East title. Within the Week 13 NFL picks, though, none of the analysts feel the Eagles can beat the depleted Patriots.

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