Josh Duggar Might Face Divorce From Anna, Tells Wife They ‘Were Meant To Have Another Baby’ [Video]

Despite reports the couple is breaking up, Josh Duggar is reportedly “desperate” to keep his marriage with Anna together, while his wife considers divorce. Although the conservative Christian couple have previously implied they will stay together for life, reports have surfaced that Anna Duggar appeared on Jill And Jessa: Counting On for one reason — financial gain so she can leave Josh for good, reports Redbook.

In a sneak peak of the new TLC show Jill And Jessa: Counting On, Mrs. Josh Duggar describes her “heartbreaking” revelation that Josh had been cheating on her. According to Fashion & Style, although the sneak peek videos suggest Anna will tell her side of the story, in other words, why she remains with Josh despite the scandals, Anna’s real motivation is financial.

According to Hollywood Life, while Josh Duggar is in rehab for sex addiction, where he has been since October, Anna has been a single parent of their four children. Having only recently given birth, Anna has been getting lots of support from the Duggar clan, but an insider revealed that being by herself has “been really stressful for Anna,” and “holidays were always a really special time for Josh and Anna.”

With all the scandals, however, Anna Duggar is reportedly stressed and trying to decide whether she should remain married to Josh. Fashion & Style also reports that when reports surfaced that Josh Duggar had two accounts with the infidelity site Ashley Madison and was decidedly less than faithful to his wife, Jim Bob Duggar offered to buy the couple a new home if she agreed to remain with Josh.

Reality Today reports that Anna turned down the deal, and is still considering leaving Josh. To add insult to injury, just days before Josh Duggar received a weighty lawsuit from an adult film star, Josh and Anna sold their “dream home” to a mystery corporation.

Only two days after selling their home, Josh Duggar was slapped with a lawsuit from Danica Dillon, an adult film star who reportedly had such rough sex with Josh that she felt like she was being “raped.” According to Dillon, she and Josh met up in Pennsylvania while he was on a business trip. Josh never told Anna about his encounters with the adult film star.

Because of all the drama, Hollywood Life reports that Josh Duggar now wants to renew his wedding vows with Anna once he leaves rehab. Duggar has been in a faith-based center to receive treatment for his sex addiction since October.

An insider reveals that while Anna is “contemplating divorce,” Josh Duggar “wants them to renew their wedding vows in front of both of their families.” ​Recommitting to their marriage vows would be proof that Josh has changed his philandering ways, reports Hollywood Life.

An insider close to Josh Duggar revealed to the magazine that Josh “wants to have an elaborate ceremony as soon as he gets out of rehab.” According to Hollywood Life, Josh Duggar was to “make it a really special occasion for Anna.”

The magazine also reports that Josh wants to take it a step further, and have a fifth child with Anna. Meredith Grace, their fourth child, was born just this year, and sister Jessa Duggar has been sharing photos of the adorable infant over Instagram.

Hollywood Life reports that Josh told his wife “they were meant to have another baby,” but Anna has no desire to have more children with Josh. In the preview video for Jill And Jessa: Counting On, Duggar tearfully reveals that it “was heartbreaking to hear what had happened,” as she learned Josh cheated on her.

After finding out Josh cheated on her using the Ashley Madison site, Mrs. Josh Duggar reportedly felt “disgusted” and moved in with her family. Soon after, Anna considered filing for divorce from Josh.

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