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On the heels of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, Republican presidential candidate hopeful Ted Cruz commented that the shooter was "registered as an Independent and as a woman, and a transgendered, leftist activist." Attempting to disassociate the shooter with the heavily Republican pro-life movement, the source from which Senator Cruz claimed this information was "reported" was nothing more than a ridiculous internet rumor, according to Trevor Noah of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

As have all of the other presidential candidates (from both parties), Ted Cruz condemned the shooting when he was asked about it on Sunday from Newton, Iowa. Unlike any other candidate, however, CNN reports that Senator Cruz took this opportunity to claim that the shooter was a representative of the left, progressive side, rather than the more common opponent of clinics like Planned Parenthood, conservative pro-life extremists.
"The media wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there's very little evidence to indicate that... Well, it's also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist, if that's what he is."
The latter half of that quote came as a response to the reporter bringing up the fact that officials had indicated that the shooter had been talking about "baby parts," which many assume to be a reference to the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that claim Planned Parenthood is essentially "selling baby parts." What Senator Cruz and other opponents of Planned Parenthood (such as Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, and Mike Huckabee) do not acknowledge is Planned Parenthood's claim that the videos are doctored. As Think Progressive reports, what is left out of the released footage are quotes from Planned Parenthood's Dr. Deborah Nucatola, where she specifically says, "Nobody should be 'selling' tissues. That's just not the goal here."
The Daily Show has a long-standing tradition of calling out politicians when those at the Comedy Central staple feel the American leaders have crossed a line. Trevor Noah felt that this was just such a situation.

As he explained, "That is not true at all. It wasn't 'reported' that the shooter was a transgendered leftist activist. It was an insane internet rumor. And you see, Ted Cruz, if we believed everything we read on the internet, I would be reporting... that Ted Cruz's anus is where his bellybutton should be. And vice versa. Just go to TedCruzTrueFacts.com and see for yourself."

The segment continued with Trevor Noah probing whether or not the shooting was being labelled "domestic terrorism." Even though GOP candidates such as Mike Huckabee have been willing to call the shooter a terrorist, Senator Cruz continues to withhold that specific label.

Since the website went live on Monday, #TedCruzTrueFacts has garnered quite a response on Twitter (which makes up the vast majority of the content on the spoof site).
This is just one of many things the Ted Cruz campaign is currently dealing with. At a town hall meeting in Iowa on Monday, Senator Cruz called contraception a "nonsense issue." Additionally, Cruz has condemned the "vicious rhetoric on the left" pertaining to the Planned Parenthood shooting. And U.S. Representative Alan Grayson plans to sue if Ted Cruz is elected, implying that the Senator was not born in the United States.

To see further developments of the Ted Cruz presidential campaign -- and the response from Trevor Noah -- tune into The Daily Show Monday through Thursday evenings on Comedy Central.

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