‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper Action Figures Assemble Real Christmas Tree — Amazing Creativity

Creative geniuses tend to make the world more interesting. In a comical photo reel of sorts, Kyle Shearrer has shown how the dark side assembles a Christmas tree.

Shearrer has been getting massive attention since his Stormtrooper Facebook post. On November 29, he uploaded 27 photos to his profile wall with the caption, “Let the festivities begin.”

Instantly, people found it quite amusing. Throughout the series of images, you watch as these action figures supposedly work together to assemble a giant Christmas tree, by their size stature anyway. In epic fashion — or rather as director Kyle put it, “in typical Shearrer fashion” — this production creator gave his viewers something to play to their imaginations. Although the main goal was to erect a Christmas tree, you can also see minor side stories unfolding, which makes the experience all the more entertaining.

Moreover, Kyle Shearrer reports that he’s gotten an overwhelming response for his creation. Several news outlets have contacted him for personal interviews, and people have commented non-stop via Facebook. His reel’s upload has generated over 9,000 comments, 700,000 views, 25,000 likes, and 120,000 shares. And that’s just Facebook. On Reddit, the Stormtrooper story has acquired 4,674 points since November 30.

In the following Star Wars themed Facebook post, you can see all the buzzworthy content for yourself.

In the first photo, you see a group of three, seemingly, giving instructions as to “where to place the tree.” The second photo shows the Stormtroopers dragging the tree into the frame, as likewise in the third photo. Yet, you also notice that there are two in the background attempting to figure out the blueprint. By the fourth photo, it gets even more interesting. Already, there’s someone taking a smoke break.

Jerry Wilson commented, “It’s always the one lazy bum in the back doing nothing, just watching while others working :D :D :D.” People even reminisced on military days. William Kevin Petty stated, “That guy smoking over there, that was me during my military career.”

In the fifth photo, you can see the same trooper on the ground possibly exercising. James Lovallo responds, “I like the guy doing flutter kicks in the background. How every work detail in the army goes.” However, this work detail turned sour.

Too bad for the “one lazy bum.” In the next photo, you can see that he’s confronted by another Stormtrooper for slacking. And as it appears, he didn’t talk his way out of it. In the following two photos, he’s grilled in “traditional military rhetoric” (a boot to his chest) and then carried away. Yet, while they’re taking care of “the slacker,” you notice another action figure off to the side seemingly intrigued by the power outlet.

Chris Reed commented, “That one in the back inspecting the outlet like, ‘wtf is this?'” In the next scene, you witness a fellow trooper rushing to the impending danger near the outlet. The curious trooper decided to “inspect” the outlet with a metal fork. Julianne Peay noted, “Lmao!!! Perfect. But you’ve got to keep going so we know what happens with the socket!!” Even more interesting within that same scene, two Stormtroopers were just going to watch him shock himself.

Eventually, the troopers needed help, the higher the tree assembled. One photo was taken while Kyle Shearrer’s dog came into the frame. Then, another photo introduced Darth Vader into the mix. And of course, he used “the force” to finish erecting the upper portions of the Christmas tree.

'Star Wars' Stormtrooper Action Figures Assemble Real Christmas Tree — Amazing Creativity - Kyle Shearrer II Kyle Shearrer, creator of the Stormtrooper photo reel. [Image via Facebook]All in all, it was an epic display of creativity, Star Wars style. Michael Fishburn expressed, “You Sir have won the internet!!!!!” Would you agree? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Kyle Shearrer/Facebook]