WWE News, Spoilers: ECW Original Returns On ‘Raw’ To Help Dudley Boyz Against The Wyatt Family

The Dudley Boyz don’t make a whole lot of friends in the world of wrestling as they’re already ready to put someone through a table. That’s exactly what they want to do with all the members of The Wyatt Family, but they’re greatly outnumbered. Luckily, they have made some friends in the past and an ECW Original by the name of Tommy Dreamer returned on Monday Night Raw to help them out.

Just three months after the Dudley Boyz made their shocking return to WWE back in late August, another true hardcore legend is back.

On Monday night, the Dudley Boyz headed out to the ring and had a bunch of blankets on them. Bubba Ray got a mic and said that he and everyone else knows that The Wyatt Family has been beating them up lately.

Bubba continued on and said that the Wyatts now have targets on their backs and their names on all of these tables. D-Von takes the blankets off the tables and a Wyatt Family member’s name is written on each table.

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Immediately, this brings out the entire Wyatt Family who accepted a challenge laid out by the Dudley Boyz as recapped by WWE. At that moment, Tommy Dreamer comes up through the crowd with a garbage cane full of weapons and joins his friends in the ring.

This sets up a six-man tag match which goes back and forth for a while before both teams absolutely start brawling. There is no way to gain control of this and the referee ends up throwing the match out in a disqualification win for the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer.

The Wyatts still outnumber the other team and begin beating them down. Bray Wyatt gets on the apron and tells his family members to get the tables. That’s when Bubba Ray jumps up and pushes Bray off the apron and through a table at ringside.

Dreamer and the Dudleys retreated while Bray Wyatt was attended to by the other members of the family.

It was already rumored that the Dudleys and Wyatts would end up in a Tables Match at the TLC event in two weeks. Wrestling Inc. believes that tonight’s happenings will lead to a six-man Tables Match at the Pay-Per-View with Dreamer joining in.

The thing that needs to have some attention though is that the ECW team is still outnumbered by one. No matter how strong they are or what is in their favor (tables), they’re down four-to-three from the start.

Some thought that maybe Baron Corbin would make his WWE main roster debut tonight and join forces with the Dudleys. Obviously, that didn’t end up happening, but there is another name that has been floating around for a while.

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About a month ago, Bubba Ray Dudley was on the Podnasty Wrestling Podcast and was asked about he and D-Von’s return among other things. He was then asked if he ever thought his “little brother” would ever make a comeback to WWE to join them.

“If we ever needed Spike, if we ever needed our little brother, if we ever needed the runt of the litter, like I said, he’s no more than a phone call away, and he’d be right there by our side, and I think the WWE Universe would go absolutely crazy to see Bubba, Devon and Spike standing together in the same ring again.”

Spike Dudley (Brother Runt in TNA) last appeared for Impact Wrestling in Julyu 0f 2013. He hasn’t been seen in WWE since way back in 2005. Spike Dudley is married and works as a financial planner, and it’s not known if he would ever welcome a return to the ring.

Maybe another ECW Original? Maybe Rob Van Dam?

The Dudley Boyz have a new (old) ally in Tommy Dreamer, and he will help them in their feud against The Wyatt Family. Expect at least a six-man tag match, with a stipulation added onto it, to be added to the TLC card soon.

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