WWE Rumors: ECW Legend Talks About A WWE Farewell Tour — Is He Returning Soon?

For those that were huge fans of wrestling during the “Monday Night Wars” and during the Attitude Era, many of those superstars have retired or are coming to the end of their careers. The Dudley Boyz recently came back for one final run with WWE, and rumor has it that another ECW legend could be back with the company at some point. Rob Van Dam recently spoke on that possibility and revealed his current status.

Back in late July, RVD spoke about coming back to WWE and if he would ever end up in their rings again. He was only with the company for about four months before heading off into the indies again and doing a lot of other personal business.

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GrueMonkey had a recent interview with Rob Van Dam, and asked him about the supposed WWE farewell tour and when it could possibly happen. It doesn’t appear as if the high-flying wrestling icon is going to be back on the road with the company any time soon.

Well, at least nothing is currently planned.

“That’s mostly just talk. I did a Q&A at Legend Fan Fest and expressed that I have an Open Door policy with WWE. You wont see me with TNA, Global or any other organization. It will breach our deal. I have a merchandise deal with the WWE and right now, I’m too on the go. I have no reason to do a run right now. Honestly, it’s better not to. I explained during the Q&A that I don’t see that changing in the future. Physically, I feel great. I’ve always said, I’m unique in that way. People say wrestling wears you down, but no one thinks I just don’t want to. I can do the same as I did 20 years ago. Who knows, maybe someone threw it out there for reaction and the internet has had its fun with it.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that RVD isn’t ever going to return to WWE and do a farewell tour of sorts to finish off his career, but it isn’t happening now. During the 44-year-old’s last run, he feuded with Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

He still has what it takes to go in the ring, and fans would really like to see him back in WWE again, but Rob Van Dam isn’t ready for that. Well, he may be, but right now he’s just busy living life and doing all of the other things he likes to do.

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If WWE comes calling, it may take a pretty good deal for RVD to go back for another run. The thing is, it appears as if WWE isn’t necessarily against putting out some extra cash for having some more of the popular names on television.

Brock Lesnar wasn’t going to be on Monday Night Raw in mid-October, or Hell In A Cell, or at least that wasn’t the plan. Things change, though, and now he will have his rubber match with The Undertaker in October instead of next year.

Still, WWE had to shell out some big bucks for these extra appearances by Lesnar, and it’s not like The Undertaker is used to working so many dates anymore, either.

Right now, NXT is the future, and the current roster for WWE is not too bad in its own right. There are plenty of young talents and veteran, established superstars who can run the company without any problems. Still, Triple H sees value in keeping the prime stars of the past in the spotlight.

Rob Van Dam has no plans in place to head back to WWE for a farewell tour right now. Still, it’s something he’s open to, and it wouldn’t be surprising for the ECW legend to finish up a very long career in WWE some day.

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