Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Pack On PDA As Country Crooner Cheers For New Gal Pal’s ‘Used To Love You’ [Video]

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton just went heigh-ho, heigh-ho off to work…together. Ever since The Voice coaches segued from pals to passion, Gwen and Blake have seemed inseparable,and not afraid to show it. So when the holiday weekend ended, Stefani and Shelton happily reunited by carpooling to the show, reported Entertainment Tonight.

While Gwen took the driver’s seat, Blake relaxed on their way to their Monday work routine, which now includes one another. Their reps have confirmed that Stefani and Shelton are a couple, although fans haven’t yet agreed on whether to dub the duo Stefton or Shefani.

Although Blake and Gwen weren’t together on Thanksgiving, Stefani took time out for her three young sons. But at Disneyland, Blake’s new girlfriend couldn’t resist face-timing with him in the midst of Disney perkiness.

As for Shelton, reflecting on what he’s grateful for this year, Stefani was number one on his list, reported Us Weekly.

“I’m thankful for Gwen for tons of reasons,” revealed the 39-year-old country crooner, “but mostly because she makes us all look a whole lot better on this show.”

Blake Shelton expresses gratitude for Gwen Stefani. Blake Shelton expresses gratitude for Gwen Stefani. [Photo by Trae Patton/NBC]And although Blake may not seem like he’s particularly into women’s fashion, Shelton proved he’s definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to staying aware of what his girlfriend Gwen is wearing. The singer exclaimed over what Stefani had chosen as an outfit for an upcoming performance on The Voice.

“Wait ’til you see!” boasted Blake behalf of his 46-year-old gal pal. “I saw what she’s going to be wearing for this performance tonight, it’s stunning…It’s so beautiful.”

Shelton had issued an open invitation to Gwen to pack up her three boys for a Thanksgiving Oklahoma-style, but she had opted to stay in warm California. The three boys, whom Stefani shares with ex Gavin Rossdale, including 21-month-old Apollo, seven-year-old Zuma, and nine-year-old Kingston.

Once back at The Voice, it was time to focus on Team Gwen and Team Blake. But aside from the competition, Stefani stopped the show (and wore that dress that her boyfriend had been previewing) by singing her new single “Used to Love You” on The Voice Monday, reported E News.

Watch below to experience her magic.

The exquisite white dress wasn’t the only item that got wows from Shelton. After Gwen finished singing, Blake leaped to his feet for a standing ovation.

The year 2015 is ending on a high note (literally and figuratively) for the two Voice coaches. But that’s only after going through some challenging times. Rossdale and Stefani had been married for 13 years prior to her decision to file for divorce in August, while Miranda Lambert and Shelton ended their four-year marriage in July.

For now, Blake and Gwen are having flirty fun. And when the cameras turn off during commercial breaks on The Voice, Shelton and Stefani pack on the PDA, according to Hollywood Life.

Gwen Stefani packs on PDA with Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani packs on PDA with Blake Shelton. [Photo by Trae Patton/NBC]Offering support in his own special way is Blake’s bromance partner Adam Levine. On the Monday episode of The Voice, Stefani and Shelton got handsy, with the hot new couple waiting until the filming stops to get cozy and cuddle. Gwen is fond of showing her affectionate by holding onto Blake’s arm and shoulder.

“Adam came over to talk and they all took a picture, all the while she was rubbing Blake’s arm,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life.

Levine previously made it clear that he’s on Team Gwen & Blake, which adds to their ease in engaging in PDA in front of him.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]