Amy Schumer Reveals her Bradley Cooper Sex Fantasy With One Shocking Word

Amy Schumer is bold, and it turns out she may be a freak as well. Proving that she may be even more outspoken than her new BFF Jennifer Lawrence, Ms. Schumer has made the first move towards realizing her Bradley Cooper celebrity crush. Even more intriguing, Amy has let the whole world know just what she plans to do with Bradley.

Amy Schumer Has Just One Word For Bradley Cooper

Amy Schumer, Saturday Night Live Amy Schumer talks about her Bradley Cooper crush. [Image via NBC/Saturday Night Live]According to Us Weekly, Amy Schumer has once again been swooning over Cooper, her famous crush. This time, Schumer responded to questions about what she might do if she ever did manage to net Bradley.

Some might be thinking candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. Not Schumer. The Trainwreck star has just one thing in mind, when it comes to Bradley Cooper.


Yes, it turns out Amy is a freak in the sheets and she’s not being at all coy about it. Of course, it’s not like Ms. Schumer has ever been shy where her feelings for Bradley are concerned. Amy took an opportunity to talk to audiences about her crush on Mr. Cooper when she hosted Saturday Night Live recently. Schumer has also been known to shout out Bradley Cooper’s name at red carpet premieres and awards ceremonies.

“I always harass him,” Ms. Schumer said, when asked about her crush on Cooper by Jimmy Fallon. “I feel very uncomfortable talking to somebody that handsome. He’s very charismatic and stares into your eyes and asks you questions, which no man does.”

While Schumer and Cooper are certainly on friendly terms, it doesn’t seem that Bradley is available at the moment. Cooper has been involved with model Irina Shayk for several months. Sorry, Amy.

Even so, Schumer isn’t prepared to give up just yet. The Trainwreck actress says that she has had several in depth conversations with Bradley and in Hollywood terms, that’s almost the same thing as being in a committed relationship.

Trainwreck‘s Amy Schumer Shares More Hollywood Sex Fantasies

Amy Schumer Amy Schumer reveals more celebrity fantasies. [Image via Jemal Countess / Stringer/Getty Images]Bradley Cooper wasn’t the only celebrity to stir Amy Schumer’s interest, though Cooper certainly tops the list, reports GQ magazine.

Will Smith was also mentioned by Schumer. Unlike her plans for Bradley, Amy reveals a far less sexual fantasy for Smith, who she admits she has never met. Maybe Schumer is hoping for a role in the Independence Day sequel, because her fantasy for Will Smith involves laser guns, explosions, and plenty of sweaty action. Schumer’s version has them battling zombies instead of aliens, however.

The President of the United States also made Schumer’s list, though, where Barack Obama is concerned, it seems Amy feels that the less said, the better.

“I am eating alone when the waiter says, ‘Barack sent you this.’ And it’s a glass of Lagavulin 16 year. My favorite scotch. I acknowledge with a nod and finish my meal. Like I’m the coolest b—- ever. We walk out without talking, and go to Preservation Hall and watch a bunch of different amazing jazz musicians. We smoke cigars and drink scotch and never say a word to each other.”

It seems like Amy Schumer knows exactly what she wants from any male companion. From anal with Bradley Cooper to her dream of laughing alongside Tracy Morgan in a hibachi restaurant, Schumer has ideas that draw on the best traits each has to offer.

Currently, Amy Schumer has taken on a new project, partnering herself with best friend, Jennifer Lawrence. Though little is known about the film, it’s thought to be a mother-daughter comedy.

Maybe Bradley Cooper can play the love interest to Amy Schumer’s character.

[Featured image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]