So-Called ‘Hottest Cop Ever’ Arrested For Plowing Through Two Pedestrians In A Hit-And-Run

An Internet-famous San Francisco police officer known as the “Hot Cop” of the Castro has been accused of seriously injuring two pedestrians in a hit-and-run. Officer Christopher Kohrs has been arrested and placed in a San Francisco jail and could be charged with a felony.

According to Mercury News, the 38-year-old officer earned himself the nickname of “Hot Cop” after several pictures of him went viral across the web due to his good looks. Christopher Kohrs also participated in an off-shoot of the ALS ice-bucket challenge wherein he appeared shirtless to raise funds for the families of fallen police officers.

“It couldn’t be for a better cause,” said officer Christopher Kohrs at the time. “It supports loved ones. It’s a dangerous job and bad things happen.”

Christopher Kohrs
Hot Cop shirtless, (Jason Wood / Via Facebook: hotcopofcastro)

Now, “Hot Cop” of the Castro may be known for something other than his stunning sex appeal. He allegedly nearly killed two men who were crossing an intersection, and then abandoned his car to flee the scene of the crime.

According to KTVU, San Francisco police claim Christopher Kohrs was driving a Dodge Charger near Montgomery Street around 2 a.m. on Sunday. Two pedestrians in their 40s attempted to cross Broadway street and were struck by the “Hot Cop,” severely injuring them to the point of hospitalization. Thankfully, neither of the men sustained life-threatening injuries.

Christopher Kohrs was off-duty at the time of the hit-and-run, and investigators have not revealed if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Charger was left in the middle of the intersection.

“The car was right here when I looked out, but I didn’t see anyone get out of it or anything,” said witness Trey Bellomy. “All the doors were shut, the lights were on. It just looked like somebody had pulled up, stopped, got out of the car and left.”

According to ABC News, the 2009 Charger was later traced to local celebrity, Christopher “Hot Cop” Kohrs, leaving many San Francisco residents shocked to learn that the culprit was a police officer.

"Hot Cop" Christopher Kohrs, (via Facebook)

“It was pretty disturbing to begin with, so I was really disturbed to hear it was an off-duty cop,” said another witness, Kevin Cochran. “He must have been going really fast for how bad the impact was.”

Another witness, Allan Tahamouni, commented on the condition of the pedestrians that “Hot Cop” Kohrs hit, claiming that they were both knocked to the ground after the accident.

“Some guy moves, but the other guy does not move. Then they take the guys in emergency.”

Christopher Kohrs had been dubbed the “hottest cop ever” by Buzzfeed for a photo taken of him guarding a construction site in San Francisco. The image brought in thousands of likes, comments and shares on various social media platforms. Searches for the Castro “Hot Cop” yield countless photos of Christopher Kohrs, many shirtless, that prove his Internet fame. He was even featured on ABC’s Good Morning America for his good looks.

Chris Kohrs
Hot Cop of the Castro, Christopher Kohrs meeting local fans. (Alma Gomez‎ / Via Facebook: hotcopofcastro)

That fame may come to an abrupt halt if investigators find the “Hot Cop” guilty of a felony hit-and-run. Locals quickly turned against Kohrs when they learned about the despicable nature of the crime, not so much the accident, but the decision to flee the scene.

“To run is probably the worst thing he could have done,” said a local club hostess, Olivia Dickinson. “We’re thinking he was probably drunk, and ran to buy some time, but who knows, he’s an officer, he knows the law better than anyone else.”

[Photos courtesy of Christopher Kohrs, via Facebook]