Cheat ‘Fallout 4’ With Trick That Grants 10k EXP Per Minute

Fallout 4’s huge world could be a tad bit overwhelming, since there are countless of paths to take and activities to choose from. While others prefer lounging around, creating beautiful and breathtaking settlements, others would enjoy toying with different mods, and other players will focus on finding secrets and hidden gems, most Fallout 4 players want one thing: to level up quickly and finish the game with a stellar score.

Leveling up could be quite a chore, not only with Fallout 4 but with previous Bethesda titles (read: Skyrim). That’s why it’s a treasure to find tips sitting around the net on how to give that arduous leveling up a push.

A new Fallout 4 tip–we’d rather call it a tip than a cheat–that we found to help desperate Fallout 4 players boost their leveling up is this new copper exploit posted in YouTube. Posted by YouTuber Hey Im Starlord just this week, this “Fallout 4 – How To Level Up The Fastest Way (10k EXP per Minute!)” video explains an interesting and totally harmless exploit that would really help Fallout 4 players get way ahead in the game by gaining thousands of EXP per minute.

According to the demo video posted by Hey Im Starlord, first, you have to find someplace you will have access to a workshop and some cupboards or cabinets as safeboxes. When you locate a workshop of your choice, transfer everything in that workshop into your inventory, and then to the cabinet-cum-safe. Put them there so you don’t need to get rid of the items completely. Leave only one thing on your inventory and that is a “Shipment of X,” where X stands of different materials available in Fallout 4. Hey Im Starlord suggests in his Fallout 4 EXP video to work with the Shipment of Copper, because this grants the biggest experience points. You can get the Shipment of Copper from the ammunition guy in Diamond City.

You can now proceed to the workshop and create some magic. Open the workshop and choose the Shipment of Copper from the storage. Slide your finger from the Y to X button (if you’re in Xbox One) or from Triangle to Square (if you’re playing Fallout 4 in PlayStation 4) in a very slick way. Go at a steady pace. This will keep duplicating your the amount of Copper in your inventory, which you will need for the EXP-gaining trick that follows.

Start duplicating the copper
Start duplicating the copper

Keep doing the trick to duplicate the amount of Copper on your inventory. If you don’t see the Copper on your workshop, do not fret, because the duplication process actually happens on your inventory, not on the workshop. If you have a hefty amount of Copper–Hey Im Starlord is at the 3000 mark at the video–you can now start placing the Copper Statues.

Find a huge huge area where you can start placing your Copper Statues. If you can’t create Copper Statues yet, then you can head over to Hey Im Starlord’s other Fallout 4 demo video, which helps you unlock the statues. Once you’re ready, you can now start placing your Copper Statues everywhere and just see your Fallout 4 character’s EXP at the left side go up like crazy.

A baseball guy copper statue in Fallout 4 costs 10 copper to create, so hoarding on the copper before starting on the placement of the statues will be more productive. Hey Im Starlord advises to place the statues in a steady straight line, so scrapping them after placing all of them will be less of a hassle. So yes, you have to scrap them after doing hundreds of them.

Duplicate the copper statues in a line
Duplicate the copper statues in a line

It may be quite a hassle, but this is one of the best and fastest ways to get the biggest amount of EXP in Fallout 4 so far. For a clearer picture on how to do this Fallout 4 exploit, watch Hey Im Starlord’s Fallout 4 demo video below.

[Images via screenshots of Hey Im Starlord’s video]