Cards Against Humanity Makes Over $60K Selling Nothing On Black Friday — For $5 A Pop

Cards Against Humanity is the twisted card game that has swept the globe with its sharp brand of humor. Last year on Black Friday, the game company made a small fortune selling poop in a box for $6 each. This year, instead of flogging their product as so many other companies did on Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity merely offered their online consumers a black box where they could enter their payment information and a check box that consumers could tick off indicating that they understood they would get absolutely nothing in return.

According to Time, the Cards Against Humanity website was only selling nothing; there was no opportunity to purchase the game and only the opportunity to purchase nothing for the retail price of $5. Cards Against Humanity said they saw an opportunity to offer consumers the ultimate Black Friday experience.

“We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing.” the website said.

There is nothing indicating what will happen with the money Cards Against Humanity is making from selling nothing for “the rock-bottom price of $5,” but the company had a great deal of fun and success selling nothing. Cards Against Humanity said via their website, according to TechCrunch, that consumers should not miss the “incredible” opportunity to buy nothing.

The Cards Against Humanity customer service team had a good time during what was undoubtedly a busy Black Friday event.

There were some customers who were wondering if their order had actually been processed through the website, but the Cards Against Humanity team was quick to assure all consumers that regardless of their order, they would still get nothing even if Cards Against Humanity had no record of their order.

While the Cards Against Humanity Black Friday event is now over, it would seem that the company is continuing to have some fun with their “buy nothing” extravaganza. Ultimately, Cards Against Humanity’s sale of nothing for $5 a shot netted the company $71,145.

Cards Against Humanity has long been known for their charitable good works, as the company has often contributed to charitable organizations like the Sunlight Foundation, EFF, and WorldBuilders, among others. According to the website, the company has also funded a $500,000 full scholarship program for women pursuing degrees in science.

However, Cards Against Humanity said on its website that they kept the money and gave a full breakdown as to how the money was spent. Some of the money went to causes such as the National Alliance for Mental Illness, or the Tree House Humane Society. However, the website also noted that $500 was spent on 760 pounds of kitty litter because Alex’s “two cats poop a lot,” $1,350 for a down payment on a “much needed green 2005 Hyundai Tucson, a vehicle that gushes about for having ‘gobs of standard features’,” and $1,000 for a down payment on a used powder black Chevrolet Suburban because Henry said, “my mom’s car broke recently, and I’d like to see her have one less thing to worry about.”

Whether the post on the Cards Against Humanity website is true about how the money was spent, it would be consistent with the flavor of the game that millions have been playing since it bowed in May 2011. Cards Against Humanity has also been making the rounds recently on social media, as reports of an “extra card” began making its rounds. According to Metro, the extra card has been hidden under the nose of players; the card was concealed within the lining of the box and no one realized it until fairly recently.

Few have been eager to find this extra card, simply because it would mean the pristine condition of the box would be ruined, but in true Cards Against Humanity fashion, the twisted nature of the game means fans of the game will be ruining boxes and enjoying hours of fun.

[Image by Justin Ladia via Flickr/CC BY 2.0]

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